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All these years away from your friends and family can make you lonely. She was loving it and I was the one who could give it her. Take it as a learning experience. It's best you keep away from them if they make you uncomfortable. It was my first and last book by this author.

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Imagine you go out to a nightclub with your lady friend, get drunk or wasted as they say and then come back home and try to have sex with her without her approval. This may surprise you at first, but it's accepted behavior and you'll get used to it soon.

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Just let it go and try dating other people too. There was no worries about breaking the rules, about it being wrong or unethical, or the consequences of it.

Not what I expected at all! If a girl says No, then it is No. It's not an erotic novel, it's a manuscript for a very lousy porno movie!

You may find a good date, or even a life partner. Slow burn, angsty, student teacher romance. If you're an international student coming from a socially conservative country, speed dating companies you may be surprised to see people freely express their sexuality. Most International students live in a foreign countries for several years pursuing their education. It's not uncommon to find international students dating in a foreign country.

The words bitch and whore was used and abused numerous times. If that happens to you, don't get angry. Therefore, avoid such situations at all times.

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An international student needs to be very careful Not to put himself in a situation where they can be accused of sexual assault. Lastly, try to have fun while dating and just be yourself.

Many of them however find it difficult and confusing due to cultural differences. It's kind of hard to explain, the woman did like it, but I as a reader wasn't buying it. Nothing major, mostly common sense things. And when you meet them, go to a safe public place like a restaurant or coffee shop. Alcohol may have impaired your judgment but this is still sexual assault.

In many countries, it's rare to see same-sex couples in public. You may therefore decide to find a new special friend, or bff best friend forever.

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