Now enable form validation

Ajax form validating

In this article, I will show you a simple way to validate a form. Fields are added to the form with the addElement method.

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In the fifth iteration, we make our application easier to maintain and modify by adding unit tests. They demonstrate how the validation process works, what form elements are supported, and much more. In this sixth iteration, we add new functionality to our application by writing unit tests first and writing code against the unit tests. In the seventh iteration, we improve the responsiveness and performance of our application by adding support for Ajax.

You'll reference this same identifier in the validation process. But I like to keep files separate. We build the application over multiple iterations. For example, we refactor our application to use the Repository pattern and the Dependency Injection pattern. The Markup We start with a regular form.

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In this iteration, we add contact groups. But before submitting the form to the server, it becomes necessary for us to validate user input. Instead of duplicating the same validation code, we should refactor the Contact controller so that both the Create and Edit actions call the same validation method. With each iteration, we gradually improve the application.