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While Kindles and Fire tablets are Amazon products they're not exclusively sold there, which is great for keeping prices competitive. You can swipe the ad away easily no trying to find the tiny X icon here and get on with your reading straight away. We don't blame you as the ever-popular ereader series has left the competition in the dust and has the best devices for every budget. Naturally, there's a Kindle app, but the glass screen can be a hindrance for extended reading sessions. When it comes to preloaded software, naturally you have Amazon's entire app suite onboard, along with some default apps and utilities like Contacts and Calendar.

So when you pop your Kindle on from sleep mode you'll see an ad for a book on Amazon's Kindle store, or maybe a third party ad. They don't slow anything down when powering on the device after shutdown either. Sharp display for the price. And part of the reasoning behind this upgrade is to ensure the Kindle Paperwhite is now a waterproof ereader, just like the far more expensive but absolutely beautiful Kindle Oasis. This is an upgrade over the older Oasis which is no longer available and a huge improvement.

It's plenty for your Kindle library and a fair amount of video. That larger screen and waterproofing for peace of mind are pretty tempting though. Kindle Paperwhite prices Amazon has an updated version of the excellent Kindle Paperwhite and it's just been released. The headline feature though is the introduction of the voice-controlled Alexa app one and the same as the Echo devices to the tablet.

Under Display settings you can enable Blue Shade, letting you reduce blue light during nighttime hours, something that's reputed to allow for better sleep. The latest version's screen is now just as good as the more expensive Voyage model.

It's plenty for your Kindle libraryThat larger screen and

Expect to see them sell like crazy in the Black Friday deals season too. But seeing as we'd be putting a protective cover on it anyways, it doesn't really make any difference when we think about it. The Voyage is still one of the best ebook readers available.