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Song Jae Rim

Song Jae Rim x Kim So Eun This should come as a surprise to no one as they were one of the most popular, beloved, and successful couples on the show. Blow Up When a wrestler is exhausted during a match. Blind Tag Often used in tag team matches or four corners.

Most terms remain and most descriptions are updated. The other form of blind tag is when a referee is distracted by the heels and a tag is made by the babyfaces. They decide who goes over and who puts others over. Angles are often used to enhance feuds or to make a wrestler look strong in the eyes of the viewer.

Not always though, as The Ultimate Warrior often blew up during his matches. They often act as the liaison between wrestlers and higher management. They were a sweet couple that caused a lot of laughs.

Blow Up When a wrestler is

Jo Kwon's comical and flamboyant nature often made Ga In crack up and show off her more happy-go-lucky side opposed to her more serious and sultry side. But they were perfect for each other, with Jung Yoo Mi sometimes being equally odd yet sweet. Angle A fictional storyline. Ric Flair is best known for blading.

Beatdown Quite a simple one really. Blown Spot Also known as a missed spot. Earl Hebner is known as the blindest referee in wrestling. It can also refer to the last match between two rivals before they leave a promotion. When a wrestler is taking a beating from another wrestler, or more commonly a group of wrestlers.

These days I refer to every mistake on television as a botch. Crown J for the most part went along with her whims and spunk for a fun ride for both the couple and the viewers. Inserted new pics over the broken ones too. This usually happens to heavier wrestlers with more body fat. While both come from a different world, together they are nothing but cute and hilarious.

The term babyface is one of the oldest and remains very common. He would cook, clean, and sing for her.