Just not plausible at all

Are you dating an army soldier or a fake

The Army does not require leave requests from Army family members. Go back and read the first line in bold at the top of this article. My husband deployed multiple times and we never paid for a single phone call.

Second, you can have access to your money, so this is yet another lie. Not to mention, soldiers are making enough to buy a phone card if they really had to. He may get pretty far into his story before he asks. He says he can come home but you have to request his leave through an email address. The Army pays for all travel to and from a war zone.

All soldiers have an Army email account. Just not plausible at all. He is on a top secret mission in a country other than Iraq or Afghanistan. Usually, though not always, they will trip up and give the wrong duty station for a unit.

At the very least, he is lying about his unit affiliations. All military dependents are covered by Tricare, which for the most part is amazing insurance. This usually also includes stories about being a higher ranking officer. Though I must say that everyone who emailed me did so because they had a feeling something was not quite right.

Someone told me once they were dating a General and she even had pictures. Ask for specifics about the unit. The Army does not allow leave requests from Army family members. My husband was special ops.

He wants you to pay for a phone line, cell phone or calling card so you can talk to each other. This will be his firstname.

Second you canNot to mention soldiers are making

This is usually followed by outrageous lies. This includes emergency travel like the death of a loved one.

Ask for his mailing address overseas. Ask him to give you his Army email address rather than his yahoo, hotmail, etc. It also has nothing to do with a Western Union office. The answer is still the same. When we would go out with a bunch of guys from his unit and people would ask what they did, they simply replied they were in the Army.

There would be no one deployed. Some of these scumbags are using the pictures of soldiers who were killed in action to run their scams. Now, we certainly do have troops in other countries. Many have been provided pictures, copies of military identification cards, even videos. My favorite is when they combine all these things.