Nishi is an averagely good boxer

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Initially, Danpei looks at Joe as a means to fulfil his Dreams, but later he truly starts caring for Joe. He has even countered double crosses with a triple-cross, implying he has high-level technical abilities. Nishi's personality changes drastically from an arrogant juvenile delinquent to calm worker at a grocery store.

Danpei starts training him for becoming a professional boxer. Thankfully, Kajiwara and Chiba wisely chose not to cut down on his wildness but merely redirect it. He eventually became a thug who got defeated due to his weak jaw, and later borrowed money from Joe after rekindling their friendship. Numerous times, the story reiterates how the world of boxing is exclusive to men. At the start of the series, I think that Youko, like Joe, doesn't have any clear goal of what to do with her life.

Joe breaks up the fight and later has a conversation with Gondo which encourages him to return to boxing. She only has a few lines and her almost unchanging expression make it difficult to gauge her intentions.

It is not an expression of pity or Joe returning her love. Wolf was a confident and brash fighter who was easily provoked by Joe into a fist fight, ending in a double knockout. Joe meets him while wandering around after his fight with Rikiishi, where he sees him getting into a fight with Wolf where he easily overpowers the former boxer. She's describing her own self.

Joe breaks up the fight

There's enough material to analyze in the scene where Joe responds to Youko's demands to know why he thought she was unfit to play Esmeralda above pic. When Joe comes back to Namida Bridge he is surprised to find Nishi at the Tange boxing gym, Nishi joins the gym to learn boxing and to continue being with Joe. This makes sense in the context of a boxer naturally adding more options to his arsenal with time, but it also makes sense in the context of his new-found purpose.

She only has a few lines

For any man who knows his death is near, the sight of new beginnings, whether a wedding or a newborn baby, is bound to make him pensive. Let's start with Yabuki Joe. In order to get recognition quickly, Joe targeted the bantamweight rookie champion. However, as the deadline approached, Chiba couldn't come up with an ending he liked.

But to me, this unrestrained wildness feels so raw that I never doubt if he's the product of unnecessary tampering of editors, wary of over-protective parents. His wildness, which had fed off their rivalry, naturally withers away in the immediate aftermath of Rikiishi's death. Quite possibly the most iconic ending of all time in manga Now a word about the ending. She isn't just describing Tange and Joe's arduous pursuit for tomorrow.

However, just as Joe's chance encounter with Rikiishi changes his life, so too does Youko's life when she meets Joe. It's also interesting to note that Youko never gets any nostrils although she tends to get more detailed eyebrows and eyelashes. Most of his techniques only avoid disqualification because there are no specific rules against them. It's because she feels that she's been exposed that she wants to get even with Joe, but she can't just let Rikiishi pummel him there and then. This is fundamentally different from Joe.

He was the only useful sparring partner Joe had in the entire story. Probably the same group of people who're genuinely offended by Matsutarou when watching the currently-airing anime adaptation of Chiba's Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutarou, I guess. Following his fight with Riki'ishi, he begins to better develop his guarding.