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Make post-install adjustments on the fly. Their products included AppManager and Security Manager. Put Microsoft Office productivity features to work. You can further customize each session by adding macros, scripts, executables, and other options to context menus.

The Host Access Game Changer

Using the Events Mapper, you can configure Reflection to initiate Reflection actions, such as Reflection macros, and menu and terminal commands when an event is encountered during a host session. Reflection Desktop Products. To reinforce mainframe security, you can add a layer of protection in front of the host with secure token authorization, using the optional Reflection Security Gateway. Lock down access to your critical host systems with ease.

Layout files give you the ability to access the Reflection. The Reflection Desktop Deployment Guide. How to mask sensitive date on mainframe screens. Micro Focus International. Configuring and deploying Reflection.

For a complete list of new features, see the Reflection Desktop Release Notes. Now your users can do their best work, wherever they are.

If Microsoft Office or later is installed, you can leverage host data in e-mail messages, contacts, appointments, notes, tasks, and word-processing documents. License metering for Reflection Desktop is available through the optional Reflection Security Gateway and its administrative console.

Attachmate History

Following is a summary of the many new and enhanced user interface, productivity, management, and security features you'll find in Reflection. Replace weak, eight-character passwords with strong, complex ones. Atos Healthcare met cost-reduction requirements by using Reflection terminal emulation to provide access to legacy applications via Citrix.

Apply changes quickly to align with business needs. See Use the Graphical Terminal Keyboard.

Attachmate Corporation is a founded software company which focuses on secure terminal emulation, legacy integration, and managed file transfer software. Using Reflection, we automated those processes quickly and easily, which has improved staff productivity and data-entry accuracy. Reflection provides the following security features for determining who can access and use sensitive host data.

Try Reflection Desktop now. Add modern user-interface elements. You can start multiple terminal sessions and even Web pages in a single workspace the same way you'd open multiple documents in most applications. You can display graphical terminal keyboards and use them with your touch screens or traditional desktops. Unlike Classic, it provides a multi-document interface that allows more than one document to be open in a workspace.

Reflection Desktop Help & HowTo - Reflection Desktop Help & HowTo

Reflection Desktop Features. Legacy Support Reflection Desktop protects the investment you've made in previous products. Terminal emulator software Interoperability software Security software. Setting up file transfers.

Grant or deny access based on group or role. Make host apps as easy to use as Office apps.

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Installing and using Reflection. Kemp, was a company that provided systems management and security management software. You can save all of your session settings for keyboard maps, security settings, customized ribbons, etc. Session documents include pointers to mouse maps, keyboard maps, theme files, hotspot files, and Ribbons that you can use to customize the behavior of the session.

Attachmate, game pc mario game founded in by Frank W. Frank Pritt founds Attachmate.

Not just today, but tomorrow too. See Set up Actions for Reflection Events.

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Host Access Management and Security Server. These interfaces also allow you to view and interact with Web pages within the Reflection workspace. Record, Run, and Edit Macros. The Reflection Desktop Evaluation Guide.

The Host Access Game Changer

Reflection Desktop Help & HowTo

Attachmate History

No other software is required. And, you can specify a backup host to which Reflection automatically connects in case of connection failure or interruption.

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