First, try to access the Web

Avg anti-virus not updating

The best way to keep your computer protected while using the program is to set it to automatically update virus definitions. If the software asks you to restart the computer, do this now. Step Run a virus scan to see if your computer is infected.

If that doesn't work, there could be a problem with your Internet connection. Navigate to your computer's Control Panel. Wait for at least one minute and restart your computer. First, try to access the Web. To fix this, just set your computer to the correct time.

Finally make sure your systemAlso check your computer's Internet settings

That way you do not miss important protection upgrades. If you've previously canceled an update partway through, for example, it can interfere with future updates.

Also check your computer's Internet settings to see if they're set correctly. Finally, make sure your system time and date are set correctly, as they can have an influence on the update schedule.

Step Adjust the settings so the program will run daily. Delete any malware that is discovered during the scan.