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Backdating childcare vouchers hmrc, relevant legislation

It is not required to inform them you are doing a salary sacrifice either. Contact your employer or the voucher provider for more information.

Relevant legislation

The information that we are linked to is Crown Copywrite and we have not altered or reproduced the information in any way and it is presented in it's original format. This is normally a simple process which will be advised to you by your employer.

Usually five working days is sufficient but this will depend on the particular voucher scheme. You will find a helpline number or contact details on the information pack which will normally have been sent to you by the voucher provider when you first joined the scheme. Information contained in the links is liable to change without notice. We are not tax advisors and you should always make sure that your accountant verifies that you are reporting correctly.

If the care provider will accept them, and you have a choice of paper or electronic vouchers, ask which the carer would prefer. However if your vouchers are worth more than this, you will have to pay tax on the remainder. Early Years Vouchers accept no responsibility if you do not conform to the required regulations. If you do not wish to use the vouchers immediately you can save them up to use later. When you first join a voucher scheme, non profit organization definition yahoo dating it may take some time to set up.