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This summary must be in a legible form in a conspicuous place at the premises. Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Course.

Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act no. 75 of 1997Wall charts The two compulsory summaries that must be displayed

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In a six- or seven-day working week, the maximum is eight hours per day. Stages in an arbitration hearing.

Code of Good Practice Collective Bargaining. Definitions, purpose and interpretation. It must be in a legible form displayed in a conspicuous place.

Small-scale retrenchments. Amendments to Labour Legislation. Trade unions in the workplace.

Draft regulations for hazardous chemical agents. This should be taken within six months after the end of the working year, and the employee can either take time off as one holiday or at different times e. Late referrals-condonation applications.

Click on the language to download the document. It is an offence to refuse to co-operate with a labour inspector or to provide him or her with false information, and offenders can be imprisoned for up to one year.

Stages in a conciliation hearing. According to legal prescription most businesses would be obligated to only display two summaries. Drunkenness and drug induced conduct on duty.

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Labour Law and Employment Manual. Even where the total number of employees is less than five, the employer must, on request of an employee, make a copy of the Act available to that employee. Labour inspectors may enter any workplace as long as it is a reasonable time of day. If it applies, every employer must keep a copy of this sectoral determination and make it available for inspection by an employee.

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Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, no. The State may appoint a number of labour inspectors to help monitor and enforce the basic conditions of employment and the various sectoral determinations. The conditions for working hours must be agreed upon. If an employee is injured or becomes ill because of their working conditions, royalty photo they are entitled to extra sick leave. Table of comparison Employment contracts.

There are various laws that govern dismissal or termination of employment. Employment Equity Committee Training.

Telephonic conciliation process. The action to be taken depends on the seriousness of the offence. They do not need to tell the employer that they intend to visit, nor do they need a warrant. The State may adjust the laws for working hours for different categories of employment e.

In a five-day working week, the maximum is nine hours a day. Workshop Policies and Procedures. And no person may prejudice an employee because of any action taken in terms of the Act.

Although it would be good practice to display most of these posters or wall charts it is not a legal requirement to display all of them. Legal posters or wall charts are usually a summary of a prescribed legislation. Display of Legal Posters Tinus Boshoff. Women have the right to take up to four months of maternity leave from four weeks before the expected date of birth.

All forced labour is prohibited. They are completely encapsulated with sealed edges in a tough extra thick laminate. Unemployment Insurance Act Regulations Amendment. The display of Schedule C would thus be compulsory to employers with boilers on premises. The Act also outlines the maximum permissible fines for not obeying laws.

If you work one Sunday at normal pay, you may also get one day off. Examples of minor transgressions, serious misconduct and very serious offences are tabled along with the appropriate disciplinary steps. The compliance order must be given to both the employer and any affected employees and it must be displayed in the workplace.