Slightly reduced Mle reload time

Battlefield 2 global score not updating

Change is on both the Landship and Tank Hunter. Save the file to your Desktop for easy access. You can now choose to show all, squad, self or nearby. Tweaked the spawn points for planes on Empire's Edge, Operations to be less vulnerable to the Behemoth.

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Reviving a single soldier is unaffected. This update does not include a fix for the issue, but we hope to address it in the future. Fix for squad and team revive colors being switched. As this is an area of high passions, we expect additional feedback on our Aim Assist systems to surface, and we are open to that feedback.

Made the Mortar and Trench Shield easier to deploy. Air Vehicles Several adjustments have been made to the combat experience for Air Vehicles.

Save the file to yourChange is on both

Among the notable changes including the weakening of some shotguns and a variety of other tweaks to things like recoil values. The distance scale in the Trench Periscope is now visible again. This will eliminate some unintentionally high and unintentionally low damage hits. Several fixes for floating props on all maps. Reduced the max damage radius of Support Airburst mortars.

Fixed pre-round timer sometimes showing two timers above each other. Mortars now require a time after deploy before they are fully accurate. Updated weapon images shown in Battlepacks.