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It is not uncommon that cultural and ethnic information is missing in a textbook at this level. The book seems consistent among chapters in terms of depth. Overall, it was very accurate and with enough detail.

However, the interactive links will have to be checked and potentially updated as time passes. The organization of the chapters was consistent. The text seems to be of any navigation problems. Overall, I am pleased with this textbook.

The authors of this book use very visual language. All the links tested worked appropriately.

Expected learning outcomes are listed in the beginning of each chapter, and practice questions, as well as critical thinking questions are listed at the end of each chapter. The book is written clearly. This is most appropriate for introductory courses, as it lacks some of the detail you may find in more advanced texts.

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This textbook is very well organized and as indicated above the different units, chapters, and sections within chapters are presented in a logical fashion. Units and chapters are organized well. Having stated all that, this is a very good textbook that I would recommend to people.

The Inactivation gate plugs the pore after substantial depolarization sodium entering through the Activation gate. Video links have been included to provide an additional learning platform, all of which have loaded successfully and quickly during the review. The online version is suitable for frequent updating and revising, and thus should last long.

However, care was not taken to format text around images, at times leaving large blank spaces and several pages between text that was interrupted for image insertion. The text is up to date and relevant. On a separate note, I also find problems with the organization of material within each chapter in this textbook.

14 Best Anatomy and Physiology Books

Generally science textbooks shy away from or just omit controversial topics, but authors might do better if they presented controversies as such, tango instrumental and let readers decide. The sequence of the chapters are in a similar order as most other anatomy and physiology textbooks. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner that follows the natural progression through anatomy and physiology similar to many other textbooks. The level of writing was appropriate for an introductory student in Anatomy and Physiology.

The index contains links that take you directly to the corresponding section of the text where the topic is discussed. Histology can be difficult for students to grasp in general, but different histology image choice could make this text stronger in some places. One example - a wonderful sidebar they might add would be the difference in heart attack symptoms in men and women - and how this was discovered. This textbook's modularity is fine.

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Such inconsistencies mostly is minor, but could be distracting. The text does not contain noteworthy biases or cultural insensitivity. Very well organized with good flow for instructor and student. However, it does not use of examples that are inclusive of a variety of races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. There are some areas in which I would have liked to see more detail.

All hyperlinks tested take the reader to the appropriate location. Some diseases that affect certain gender, ages, races or ethnicities are discussed, and some images and drawings of people of different races are included. At the very end of the text, Turner Syndrome is mentioned as a female chromosomal disorder.

Human Anatomy and Physiology are two most-related subjects in the field of medical sciences. The open text lacked some of the bells and whistles that some of the e-texts on the market have. Figures and tables are not referred well in the text. When entering into the specifics of the field in anatomy, the exhaustive details result in the separation of mastering the subject matter and superficial understanding from a student perspective.

The text appears culturally relevant and I did not come across any sections that were offensive or insensitive. The text is easy to navigate and clear, effective illustrations are included to support descriptions and break-up large sections of text. The text is easily divided into units and chapters that can be grouped together appropriately for effective instruction and testing.

14 Best Anatomy and Physiology Books

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For this case, a few figures could be provided based on different cultures. It makes it easier for teachers to refer to a specific figure, table, etc. Key terms appear in bold-faced type.

This textbook covers all main areas of physiology in a suitable manner. But for figures, I usually do not use those with the book, since better ones could be found on Web. This book is comprehensive, covered with all organ systems and major topics.

The text offers a good overview of each system with the basics of anatomy and physiology covered. Special emphasis on surface anatomy is included in the new version.

It has multiple detailed images of the human body, including muscles, the skeleton, and the vasculature. The information is mostly up-to-date and consistent with the mainstream opinions in the fields.