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In Mumbai, the police heaved a huge sigh of relief as the tests - narco, brain-mapping and polygraph - indicated that they have nabbed the right man and the public can breathe easy. The scientific tests have a lot of credibility and people will trust the report.

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Then sensors are attached to the subject's head and the person is made to sit before a computer monitor. Rahul has challenged the trial court order in the Delhi high court. But he denied sexually abusing his victims. We will talk with you about patient expenses and send you a bill in as timely a manner as possible. Their appearance here is not an endorsement of their subject matter.

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Authorities said he was uncooperative during the testing. The authorities said they would repeat the tests on Saturday because Kantrulu had not been cooperative on Wednesday. Bangalore sources said Kantrulu admitted that he was a drug addict, and that he committed the crimes under the influence of intoxicants like charas. Why are suspects in India taken to Bangalore for brain mapping? His family's reputation and pride has taken a beating.

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The subject is not asked any questions. They said that Congress leaders from Maharashtra had contacted their leaders in Karnataka and sought help.

He was resistant during the questioning. If there is any specific complaint, we will look into it.

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India's only forensic science laboratory that conducts brain-mapping or brain-wave fingerprinting test is located in Bangalore. Any examples to show that brain-mapping tests are effective? If you have a picture you would like to share that represents work or interest in brainmapping, simply use the form below to upload it. Studies have shown that an innocent suspect's brain would not have stored or recorded certain information, mediana geometria yahoo dating which an actual perpetrator's brain would have stored. How accurate is the brain-mapping test?

Kantrulu said his wife and daughter knew nothing of the murders. Image file Images will be resized automatically to X pixels Title. What is the process during the test? And what exactly is the brain-mapping test?