Cbse 11th Chemistry Notes

The more you will be in continuous practice, the more are your chances to score good marks. If you study and practice them then surely you will get benefit as compared to getting a zero.

Set a time table for you, and study according to that. Hello Tanu, The answer key is currently not available. Please give some important question for first term exam tommorow is my exam please help me.

Hi Manova, i did not get your question. You have to work hard then for the compartment exam. Hello Pramodini, You can trust these important questions.

Upload complete solutions of ncert exemplar problems solutions along with ncert solutions and cbse sample papers. We are working on the short questions of different chapters in Chemistry. How can I score good marks in chemistry? Learn and memorize each definition as most of the paper of chemistry consists of definitions only. First you need to know what is the syllabus of chemistry, schoolboy q studio then assemble your notes.

So, we recommend you just practice with full dedication, set a proper time table for yourself, giving much of your time to those subjects in which you are weak. Hello Sai, If you do prepare these questions well for your board exams, then you will surely score good marks. You can get your concepts clear with previous years papers also. Stay tuned with everything What are you preparing for?

So, be concentrated towards what ever you study. As much as you will be practicing, you will get really good at chemistry, and will score as peer your expectations. Your email address will not be published. Utilize all your time for your studies.

Hi Anjali, If you cover your syllabus book completely and practice from these important questions, yes you will definitely achieve good marks in your board exam. Do you wish to have an edge over others?

But still there is so much time to score more in your weak subject. Hello maam i am bit weak in organic so can u plz tell me how can i make my organic strong please. Only two months are left, so give your best, you will definitely get good result.

So, previous years papers are no good, if you have not cleared your concepts and covered the topics. Find your weak points, work on them and make them your stronger points. There is nothing to worry about. But for competitive exams, you should consider reference books too, just to be on a safer side. So, keep on practicing, you will get good result.

Yes very less time is left for your boards. You will definitely get good marks.

Hi Ranveer, look its all up to you, if you think that there is need of tuition, then you should take it. Yes, it will absolutely work. Create a special notebook, and write down each and every important term you find during the preparation process on that notebook. Apart from it, if i talk about reactions, then you have to learn them. Are you preparing for Exams?

NCERT Solutions - CBSE Sample Papers - Exemplar Problems

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Class 12 Physics Revision Notes for Chapter 8 - Electromagnetic Waves

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Hi mam I have problems in the organic portion but can you give me a trick so that I could score good in it. And likewise you are able to practice. It is a quiet boring but interesting sub for me like boring for memorizing things but interesting for knowing certain reasoning. You should focus more on revision instead of learning new things. This is necessary for scoring good marks in chemistry.

Clear your doubts with the help of your teachers before it gets too late. Please give me information regarding the studies I have to do for exam in July. Suggest me a way to remeber. During past few years, a number of surveys on students were made to better understand their problems regarding their studies and their basic requirement.

Do you need help with your Homework? Also, more stuff is coming which I am sure you are going to like. We are providing some more eBooks in form of revision books, which will help the students to better understand the concepts and chapters. Share this with your friends Share Facebook. Just give a wake up call to you, and you will definitely get good results.

Just follow the tips given in the article name mention above and I am sure you will get flying colors. Yes everything is possible. Keep yourself focused and do regular study. It is very helpful Sir, if i study only these imp question, then can i score good marks?

You forget everything because you are feel nervous and also you are not well prepared. And all the best for your exams. So, whatever you study make sure that you are doing its revision daily. Do not forget to solve the previous year question papers and sample papers, this really helps a lot.

However, i always suggest students to focus on self study which is more beneficial. Can you please provide one for it.

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NCERT Solutions CBSE Sample Papers Exemplar Problems

NCERT Solutions - CBSE Sample Papers - Exemplar Problems

You are considering yourself weak because you are not well prepared, so start thorough revision of chemistry, that too with full confidence. Practicing form these paper will help you a lot absolutely. If you are preparing for any competitive exams then you can study from reference books. This is done as per your feedback and suggestions. We appreciate that you have solved all the papers.