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Certo bottle dating

Beginning in the s, the trademarks were actually reproduced in the Official Gazette. Move to the next question. All issuances were given a number and can be located in the Gazette by those numbers. This is the point in the Dating key where our two bottles diverge from each other.

Because of the likely regional distribution of the Celro-Kola product there would likely be less information available on it. This feature makes it likely that this bottle dates from or after the late s.

However, there is some which is quite useful in narrowing down the age. Descriptions of these can be found in the Official Gazette.

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Often a number will be found on a collectible. The bottle also does not have a ground down surface at the top of the finish i.

Beginning in the s the

The overall crudity of the bottle would indicate a manufacturing time on the earlier end of this range. It is not always easy to find all the information you desire on a specific bottle as is noted and outlined in the examples above. This question asks if there are any mold seams within the outside edges of the bottle base. The example at the right is a trademark registration.