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Early spellings include

Finally, the cook had to cope with the temperamental wood-fired baking ovens of that time. As a result, it remained confined to the upper Rhineland for a relatively long period of time.

Christmas Holly Table Runner. Flavor with one-half teaspoonful fresh lemon juice and one-half cup orange juice.

Early spellings include solybubbe, sullabub, selybube, and even sillibouk, and probably it was originally just a fanciful meaningless coinage. Early versions of the rich fruit cake, such as Scottish Black Bun dating from the Middle Ages, were luxuries for special occasions. Today, that ingredient is no longer necessary and often omitted.

In such plays, a tree decorated with apples to represent the forbidden fruit and wafers to represent the Eucharist and redemption was used as a setting for the play. Beat whites of eggs and cream separately, beating the sugar into the cream. This syllabub, if it can be kept in a cold place, may be made the day before you want to use it. The full flavour of the lemon rind is obtained with less trouble than in rasping, by pairing it very thin indeed, and infusing it for some hours in the juice of the fruit.

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Then, by degrees, mix in a quart of cream. When cold, turn it out, and it is a fine Flummery. Mix the sugar, lemon-juice and rind, cinnamon and wine together in a large basin, add a few drops of essence of ratafia, stir until the sugar is dissolved, the add the cream and whip to a froth.

You may make this syllabub at home, only have new milk. Randolph's recipe is not at all traditional and is quite quite beside the point. When ready strain and add the cream, brandy, lemon juice, and sugar to taste.

What sets fruit cakes apart from their confectionery cousins is being prepared long before they are meant to be enjoyed. There were two large round tables on which were placed two trees hung with lights and sugar ornaments. If you are looking for a particular fruit cake recipe from a specific book, magazine, place or period let us know. The custom did eventually gain wider acceptance beginning around by way of Prussian officials who emigrated there following the Congress of Vienna. This giveaway is now closed.

Syllabubs should be made the day before they are wanted. This year, I made a promise to myself that I would get ready for Christmas all year long. The free motion quilting was done with white cotton thread.