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British Board of Film Classification. It's about easy choices and hard decisions and how life still goes on, despite it all. After its three-week run, Box Office India declared the movie a hit in India and abroad. So I was pretty devastated.

And Tom was so much fun, just a ball to work with, both on and off camera. Select albums in the Format field. Three years later, Brian takes a job in Jamaica as a bartender at a resort to raise money for his own place. One night, Veronica is badly injured after being hit by a car.

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After the funeral, Kerry sends Brian a letter, which is revealed to be Doug's suicide note. The character in the book is an older guy who has been around and starting to feel that he's pretty washed-up. Brian realizes that Doug killed himself because his life was a sham. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Enjoying the Best of Hollywood's Worst. If you've liked Ali's storytelling before, there's no harm in catching it at least once.

Shake it, stir it and get nicely woozy. As a film it breaks shackles and ushers in a new free spirit that Gen-Now will relate to.


But again, this isn't how I would like to describe a Imtiaz-Homi collaboration. It pales when compared to the attention-grabbing first hour. Brian and Jordan leave together, with her father pledging not to give a dime to the couple. They seek out Kunal, who tells them that Meera left him because she loved Gautam too much and that she has gone back to India. As they go back to Bonnie's room, Jordan sees them.

Kerry is angry at being rejected and calls Brian a coward. Doug is alarmed that Coral is coming between their partnership and bets Brian that Coral will leave by week's end. Tom Cruise expressed interest in playing the role, which helped get it financed.

In other projects Wikiquote. Tom Cruise is a very sweet man, he was then and still is.

But when Tom came in, the movie had to change. Though the movie suffers a few loopholes, but, you definitely can't ignore the threesome magic of Saif-Dippy-Diana. She learns that Gautam and Veronica slept together the previous night.

It was declared a box office hit. They used it and it became a prominent feature of the film.

Brian offers free drinks to celebrate, much to his Uncle Pat's chagrin. They have a blow-up during an art exhibit when Brian gets into a fight with the artist. Meera apologises to Veronica, but Veronica assures her that it is okay and insists that they all go to the club to celebrate. Universal bought the film rights and Gould wrote the script, changing it from his novel. However, Meera is hesitant to admit it, because she does not want to hurt Veronica, her best friend.

For Film, see Cocktail film. That's what you want for a big commercial Hollywood movie.

As their popularity rises, Brian becomes the focus of attention from a brunette named Coral. They talk but Brian keeps saying the wrong things. At the club, Gautam and Veronica dance intimately and make out. The film was also shot in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Saif Ali Khan Dinesh Vijan. It is about friendship, love, romance and has something for all kinds of audience. The next morning, after a job interview, Meera comes home to find Gautam on the couch.

Gautam proposes to Meera, and she accepts. Brian goes to check on Doug and discovers he has slashed his throat and wrists with a broken bottle. Female Vocalist of The Year. New Zealand Charts Portal.

Filmfare Award for Best Music Director. He finds a romantic partner in Jordan Mooney, an aspiring artist and waitress that he meets on the beach. He turns on the charm, without the cynical bitter edge of the older guys. Films directed by Roger Donaldson.

Many scenes have been shot indoors, although the crew primarily filmed on the streets of London. Kavita is shocked to see Gautam's drunken escapades with the two girls, and wants to know if he has found anyone to settle down with yet. Brian Flanagan gets a part-time job as a bartender at night while studying for a business degree by day. Characters who were upbeat and who were going to have a happy ending and a possible future in their lives.

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Doug shows up in Jamaica, now married to Kerry, a wealthy woman who openly flirts with other men. Jordan refuses his advances, not wanting to be hurt again. Veronica takes Meera to her apartment and explains that her estranged father sends her a large amount of money through cheque every month, which helps Veronica enjoy the life of a rich socialite. Brian stops it from going any further out of respect for his friendship with Doug.

Cocktail has a handful of moments and a few genuine sparks, turn yourself into a cartoon no but finally crashes and burns so spectacularly that it's hard to focus on the positives. It's a cocktail you definitely wanna try!