Do acknowledge the person

College hookup advice

Sometimes this can lead to disappointment. If not, follow these rules to save yourself from at least some sex-related humiliation and regret up in your ivory tower. Keep a condom more if you can manage it cool and dry in a purse or loose pocket, not crammed in an overstuffed wallet or squeezed into the back pocket of your skinny jeans. The affair might feel naughty and transgressive, but ultimately it's an abuse of power on their part.

But you've got four more years with your friends. Both of you should figure out how you feel about the magical evening and what you want from it without a barrage of texting. Because the chances of it not going well are exceedingly high.

But if booty call is the name of your game, go forth and multiply your orgasms. You never know when nookie is around the corner, especially on nights out. It was written by women who have primarily had heterosexual experiences, but we hope that these tips are applicable and relatable to anyone and everyone. The more people talk about it, the less stigma there will be, and the smarter everyone can be about protecting themselves and the ones they lust.

We hope that these tips can help you get it on in the best way possible with the best person possible. If you hit it off with some hottie on the dance floor let the magic happen. Maintaining a light and amicable relationship keeps things from getting unbearably awkward on our tiny campus.

But especially a fraternity house. Chances are, you will get drunk. Ground zero is your dorm room and the zone radiates out from there. The right time to leave a hook-up is highly dependent on context, so just stay aware. Plus, it's not worth it for the inevitable mediocre B you'll get.

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Carry a condom on you at all times. Do be clear with your expectations for yourself. Whether you're a man or a woman, make sure you keep a healthy supply of condoms on hand, for you, for your friends, for friends of friends.

Do be your confident, naturally sexy self. The closer anyone lives to ground zero, the less advised you are to hook up with them. They might try to take pictures. Keep your condom shelf fully stocked at all times. Most importantly, hooking up is about having fun.

Do be your

With the help of some fellow Her Campus staffers and friends, we present to you a list of tips on how to make your hook up experience in college the most enjoyable. When in doubt, you can always ask. Sleep with someone because you are attracted to them and would like to have sex now, but only if you can do so without any expectations of a future relationship. Don't sleep with anyone to get them to like you. It may seem obvious that foregoing a condom is risky behavior, but unprotected sex still happens quite frequently.

Although this article is targeted towards women, we hope that everyone can learn from and enjoy these tips. Do acknowledge the person.

Depending on the situation, the friendly spectrum can go from a brief chat to a quick hello to a head nod or a small wave. Don't schtupp your professor. Probably on more than one occasion. It can be fun, sexy, and satisfying or awkward, uncomfortable, and leave you hanging. And more importantly, those smiles and hellos keep the hook-up express lane open for business should you want a repeat encounter.