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Nora has another black mark put on his criminal record by lying to the police that he assaulted her. She lives in Colorado with her family. Because no means yes, donchaknow?

All he has to do is stick his tongue in your ear and you're slobbering all over him like a needy puppy. He will most likely now have serious trouble getting a job or further education. In the second book, she had a relationship with Rixon. She graduated college with a degree in health, which she promptly abandoned for storytelling.

Nah, wander around for a while wasting time, then escape the approaching footsteps by throwing a computer through a window. And that's the next great thing about the book. Price may vary by retailer.

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Fantastic message to send to teenagers. Nora just has to ring her and Vee turns into Nora's bitch, giving her rides everywhere, even when Vee isn't going in that direction or anywhere near there, or going anywhere at all. Meanwhile nora and patch are also goin through a tough time. Marcie Millar is characterised solely on her sexuality and how bad it makes her.

She keeps questioning his involvement with Marcie, and okay, come on. You're quite the convincing duplicate of that other girl who fell in lust with an angel who is an equally chauvinistic douchebag. After all, what would be the point? Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Marcie literally walks all over her, insults her, talks about her dad's death, and what does Nora do?

What on earth Patch does with her? Is it because he's keeping secrets from her or because she doesn't want to risk sending him to burn in hell? That's kind of a dick move.

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There's also some foaming at the mouth and a very, very strained and scary smile on my face. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Two minor differences being that Nora gets a job that she goes to just once only to be humiliated by Marcie and then never goes to again, and she never once mentions needing her iron pills. Her responses are nothing of the sort.

Crescendo (Hush Hush 2) by Becca FitzpatrickSee a Problem

See a Problem

Sexy is not avoiding answering questions from an upset girl. Vee was still annoying, Patch was strangely absent, but Marcie was a viable antagonistic character.

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Becca Fitzpatrick

You made my life meaningful. If Nora eats one donut Vee eats twelve and the polishes off Nora's leftover one while Nora is outside being flirted with boy of the moment. If you ask me it only negatively reflects on Marcie. There are qualities about Patch the fallen angel I could accept that don't jive with Patch the guardian angel, on the up and up with the powers that be, which wouldn't that be God?

In that same scene Nora demands Vee chase down a car a quarter of a mile. Of course Patch was distant because of the Archangels. He's more elusive than ever if that's possible and what's worse, he seems to be spending time with Nora's archenemy, Marcie Millar. Good old Patch is out of the scene for a lot of this book but he remains a jerk.

My father died when I was a teenager and if someone had told me my dad was dead as an insult I'm not sure I even would have comprehended they were trying to insult me. Oh, and I used my Post It flags to make a note every time I came across something pointless or stupid or shitty.

The angel lore bothers me enough and I don't love Norah or Patch enough to feel obligated to complete their story. Skinny equates good, pretty, worthwhile and every other characteristic you want Nora to have. Can you expect anything less from a book with Patch in it? Well, I always knew Nora was an author insertion wish-fulfilment device than an actual character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If Nora had to end up with someone, it should have been Vee. He tells her that not only was he behind all of the events in the book, but that he wants to use her as a sacrifice for a human body. Randomly, Nora starts seeing her dead father around, and chases him down dark alleys and abandoned homes. Where are the headquarters?

So instead I'll close with some examples of Becca Fitzpatrick's finest prose. Fitzpatrick is not the only one guilty of this, but it does make Nora look dimmer than a two watt light bulb to fuss over the word love.

Somewhere in here, Patch starts visiting Nora in dreams. She gets out of the building just before it blows sky high. Patch is a demeaning asshole! The amazing leaps between your conclusions are way beyond my understanding, like in a galaxy, far, far away, even.

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One day she gets an envelope with a note and a ring of a black hand. This is a sick, and b totally and utterly out of place and unrelated to everything that happens in this book, down to the finest detail. When will I get off my ass to do some research like the studious character I'm supposed to be?

Me and my brain cells are jumping ship. Patch was going to murder Nora and get a human soul as a reward for all his effort. Part of The Hush, Hush Saga. So many secrets and different plots, its an amazing read.

To see someone get maimed time and time again for pointless reasons? Patch is Nora's guardian angel.

Group review of crescendo on Bewitched Bookworms. So, if you feel like throwing a fit for hours while reading, silk if you mp3 I'd recommend you to give Crescendo a shot. Crescendo By Becca Fitzpatrick. But the again Becca fails at shock value and plot twists. Find out more at BeccaFitzpatrick.