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And that'll both depress and infuriate me. They're very smart in a survivalistic way that a parasitic plant or single-cell organism is when it comes to adapting and working situations to get what they want. If so, I made the same mistake. And I was so looking forward to blowing Harry behind the stands now that he's dumped that Chelsy girl who thinks she's so smart. Oh, that one made me laugh out loud.

At least some of those people have access to a computer. Mere hotness isn't enough. The sheer fact that we consider ourselves free enough to write anything against vapid self obsessed shoe whoring socialites means that we're pretty much just a bunch of neutered loudmouths. You can distinguish between the two by thinking about what you'd like to do to Debbie Harry. Ascot is nicer, but Brandon's bitch wife found the credit card he uses to take me places.