Han van Meegeren, Dutch painter

Dating october 10 2019 episodes

They kicked things off with a sizzle reel full of slapstick bits, one-liners and the gory violence fans are accustomed to. It even included a rap from Hayley where she took serious aim at Gucci Mane, which looks like it could become a pretty serious beef.

The panel gave a few

Joan Sutherland, internationally renowned Australian soprano, known for her contribution to the renaissance of the bel canto repertoire. War is a constant and central theme in his works.

The Summer Olympics

He was the first known European explorer to reach Tasmania and New Zealand. Christopher Reeve, American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, author, and activist, best known for playing the role of Superman. The talking fish will also be joining a nunnery, though in all likelihood that won't go well for him. Gerhard Ertl, German physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his studies of chemical processes on solid surfaces. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of soul music in the s.

Henry Cavendish, British natural philosopher and scientist. Abel Tasman, Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant.

The Summer Olympics were the first Olympics held in Asia. The panel gave a few hints as to what we will see in those episodes, too.