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Catholic, respectful and full of faith for everyone. Keep it classy, God bless! The experience has taught me to take one day at a time and do the very best that I can. Well lets see, I am not real good at talking about myself. In a committed relationship living with my male partner.

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Looks and age don't bother me. Now, that he has passed, danish dating service it's time for me to get my life going. They grow so quick I try to treasure the time they have before they become adults.

Comes a really dorky humor. Sometimes just going to places like the Falls or a river or somewhere nice for a picnic or just to hang out.

Highly sexual and will spoil whoever I'm with. All im lookin at is your age and how good of a picture you can take.

And i guess thats it just a really relaxed n fun person to be with. If anyone knows them they will know why i am laughing.