Each is unique in a special way

Dating vintage gillette razors

All three types have Position

If there are strange stamping examples, they did not get their own category. This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence. The Standard Fatboy can have a red indicator spring.

There are weird anomalous razor examples that have made it out into the hands of collectors. The middle pictured razor is the nickel plated Red Dot Fatboy.

Here is the complete family

Knowing the age of a razor can provide context and much needed connection to a special life lived. At longer intervals, major styling changes occurred involving both the head and handle. Both of the Position types were Gillette prototypes and were for research purposes only. They never had cases or other accoutrements. The two areas they identified as ones in need were the blade loading mechanism and the need for blade exposure adjustability.

Instruction sheets may have printing dates. Schick's first, will still work in today's razor. There exist a couple examples of this type of razor manufacturing anomaly.

Here is the complete family of Gillette Adjustable double edge razors. All three types have Position top located adustment dials.

By providing an innovative product, not only could Gillette increase customer satisfaction, but they could protect their markets though proprietary intellectual property. However, there are several ways to place a Schick Injector Razor into at least a period of time, if not an exact year. In fact, the ladies Fashion razor and its cheaper cousin, the Deb, were both marketed with only the Eversharp name on the razor, although the packaging still referred to Eversharp-Schick. These long periods of similar looking razors and the general absence of serial numbers or manufacturing codes linked to time, frustrate efforts to date examples of the razor over time.

Each is unique in a special way. You can read about the history of Col. And these clues, plus packaging, allow us to date the razor with some degree of accuracy. The leftmost razor pictured is the Executive Fatboy. One final note on the classification system.

This is one of the longest production runs for any model of safety razor, but likely at an end. They brought out the Trio of Super-Speed razors. The first characteristic is the type of plating or coating used by Gillette in the factory.

The razor pictured on the right is the Standard Fatboy. Many e-mails share a similar story, a razor is discovered and is the last remaining keepsake from a family member. The second characteristic is the marked adjustment dial positions.