Bronze Age Early Bronze Age c

Dating westerwald pottery

No less schematic are the painted female figurines found in tombs and shrines of this period. Neither stoneware nor true porcelain was ever made in Persia.

Though tin was first used by the Assyrians and according to some authorities was discovered as early as bc, it had fallen into disuse. In order of decreasing presence, colors found on painted Chinas include brownish red, green, black, orange, blue, pink, yellow, brown, and lavender. Attic black-figure and red-figure Archaic period c. Green and red are the most common colors, followed by pink, black, blue, brown, lavender, and yellow. They will have two or more leaves radiating from a single point, though the leaves seldom touch one another.

If after the glazefiring

Wares with a sandy body and a clear glaze were painted with a golden-brown lustre, often in conjunction with blue. If, after the glaze-firing, decorations were added, the marble would requite a third firing at an even lower temperature to soften the glaze and allow the paint to set.

The body is white, inclining to buff, and is covered with a siliceous glaze. Principally associated with it are wares decorated with relief molding under a turquoise or dark-blue glaze or painted in black slip under a clear turquoise glaze. The relief inscriptions are frequently picked out with blue pigment.

Wares with a sandy body