The endboss fight is the hardest

Defiance expedition matchmaking

Once returned to Alcatraz, you only have five minutes to resume your Expedition run and continue your streak. Rounds of the people in expeditions can differ. Tiers increase with rounds and higher tiers mean harder enemies, but also better rewards. After completing an Expedition, you will be transported back to Alcatraz to rearm, regroup, and purchase gear. Choosing to Extract, on the other hand, returns you to Alcatraz and ends your Expedition though you can spend another Req to start a new run.

These advanced riflemen use damage spikes to boost the offensive power of the mutants around them. The mission requires you to travel to Fisherman's Wharf. The Raiders have also promoted deadly Commanders from their ranks. You have a pop up under your character's name and the time to start the next expedition is displayed on top.

Raider Captains and Commanders The Raiders have been learning new tricks, too. Structure of Expeditions Each round of an expedition is divided into three stages. Rioters armed with Couriers blast bombs onto unsuspecting opponents. Armed with infector rockets, Plagueblasters unleash hordes of infector bugs to savage their enemies. From here, you will travel to Alcatraz.

The most dangerous of the mutant Captains, these units specialize in defensive techniques much like Engineers, though they prefer shield boosters to spikes. Matchmaking will place you into an appropriate instance. You will always land on Alcatraz when leaving an expedition, can refill your spikes, ammo, grenades, repair your armor plates etc or spend some reputation on the various vendors on the island.

Matchmaking will place you into anThe most dangerous of the

Hellbug Advanced Mutations and Bosses Badlands hellbugs have continued their process of rapid evolution and metamorphosis. The War Below Stolen Purpose Hellbug Hunt You can choose one of the three instances and matchmaking will find an appropriate instance for you. Expeditions are based on rounds and tiers. Each stage is getting gradually harder and features mini-bosses that can get quite hard.

Join the Expedition Expeditions provide an opportunity to gain power never before seen in the Bay Area. As deadly as they are cautious, engineers deploy special shield spikes to boost defenses around their fellow mutants.