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At first this was no easy task. Mind you we have never met face to face but was talking on the phone almost daily. So we began to talk maybe every other day on the phone. On Wednesday, I asked Dwayne if he would like to accompany me on Sunday on this sailing trip. Did I strike it good the first go around?

But then I began to practice meditation and spending time with myself reading, praying and then it hit me.

He was excited and flattered that I asked him. The words I will be writing will be in real-time and off the top of my head while I tell you my stories as I am on this journey. What I liked doing for fun, what I liked watching on tv, what I liked to eat or even the kind of man I wanted to spend my life with. Well, anyway it was nice meeting Dwayne.

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How could I have missed that? Right I had to find out who I was. Advertisements My quest to find Mr. After that we talked a few more times on the phone. To me it meant he was spiritually spiritually mature.

After a few emails back and forth we exchange telephone numbers. He calls me out of the blue one day. During this time I was looking for a date to go on a sailing trip I had planned the week before.

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This is about growth and where I am at right this very moment. One who is spiritually grounded. He instantly emails me back and we began to correspond.

The only catch is that he has to have dreadlocks. He tells me he is from Antigua and that he studies Rastafarianism. Theres nothing nicer than a single dad who is raising his daughters.

There are many reasons among various cultures for wearing dreadlocks. It is said that patience is the key to growing dreadlocks, a journey of the mind, l'assassinio di roger aykroyd yahoo dating soul and spirituality.

It said he was an avid smoker. Ok, so what better way to start a date? This man will have these qualities, he will be spiritually mature and ready to receive my love.

On Saturday he calls me and tells me that he could not get a babysitter for Sunday and that the cost was going to be a problem. So what the heck, I emailed him.

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It was then I realized that in order to receive my Mr. All in all I am glad that we never got to meet.

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