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Multivariate analysis for a definition of groundwater flow systems in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Riyadh, Reino de Arabia Saudita. Biodiversidad de aguas continentales. Environmental Earth Science, V. River Research and Applications.

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Why groundwater functioning is neglected by decision makers of Mexico? Calidad de vida y agua segura. Theory, Aplications and Future Development.

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Municipio Capital La Rioja. Pampa Arenosa, Buenos Aires, michael pitt dating Argentina. Hydrochemistry of intermediate flow systems associated with basin fill sediments derived from rhyolitic rocks.

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Colaborador, Dra Teodora Szocks.

Importance of groundwater discharge areas for environmental issues identification and decision making. Monitoring for groundwater management in semi- arid regions. Atlas del estado de Oaxaca.

Academia Mexicana de Ciencias. Detection of flooding water sources by geochemical identification from the groundwater flow systems perspective. Environmental Earth Sciences Journal. Regional groundwater flow boundary conditions and its implication in water management control.

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