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Hubs, who is also heavily intoxicated falls asleep at the bonfire while the rest of the group return to the boat. As night falls, the teenagers are still stranded in the woods searching for a road.

However, he is quickly swallowed whole, only to be regurgitated moments later. In the morning, the friends find their boat has become stuck, leaving them stranded. The pair rush back to the boat to warn the others. With the boat's engine broken, the survivors swim to land.

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Soon after, Shurkin is knocked into the water and eaten, before the Sheriff is also killed.

While the rest of the group attempt to fix the boat, Brady and Sunny go to try to find Hubs. At night, Sunny becomes incredibly drunk and reveals Brady cheated on Claire with her, resulting in Claire breaking up with Brady. The following day the teenagers continue to party.

Claire gives the crocodile the egg, which hatches into a baby crocodile, before it returns to its nest, leaving Claire, Princess, Brady and Duncan free to escape. Claire finally discovers the crocodile's egg in her bag, how do you hook up two amps together and the group use it as bait to lure the crocodile to them so they can kill it.