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Can anybody have a happy, romantic, ending? Alliances are called into question, friends keep secrets, and bonds are tested. Terrible summary, but I swear the story's good.

It took one girl to screw all of Orochimaru's plans up, and nothing will ever be the same. Her sacrifice will change her life permanently. In the twilight of his years, figureheads online dating he decides to train and pass down everything he knows once more to one final apprentice.

Ichigo goes on a quest to reclaim his power. That peace is shattered by a new unknown threat that shakes up everything. Historia adoptada de Smithback. But how can he when a new enemy begins to consume Karakura Town? So it's within your interest to satisfy me right.

Orihime learnt this from the beginning. IchiHime angst to love story with eventual fluff. Yet I still hope no matter how uncertain it can be. Bubblegum pink lips ensnared between pearly white teeth. Written because Whackybiscuit was in a bad mood!

But when a rebellion begins to build, and she notices a certain orange haired rebel trailing her every step, she will soon learn the world isn't as cruel as she thought. Reborn as a prince he is more determined than ever to take over the world. He knew it couldn't be possible, but for some reason, he believed her.

She had thought, with relief and without an ounce of charity, that she never had to deal with that pretentious, presumptuous, melodramatic, homicidal maniac ever again. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. But it isn't how a brother should love his sister. Ichigo and his cohorts get hot and heavy in this series of one-shots!

What will happen when his inner hollow will try to help him? Unfortunately, she pushes the issue a bit too far and it is up to her rival and coworker, Tom Marvolo Riddle, to get her out of her predicament. Good Inoue Orihime knows bad Kurosaki Ichigo is that kind of guy she would be stupid to trust.

It's sick and twisted, but for them, it's perfect. Will she be able to cope with this new life? One know-it-all Stark was enough, thank you.

But is death really the end for her? He recognizes her from a time long past, but how is this possible.

Orihime grew to appreciate the love from her brother, what will she do when he finds out that she begins to have feelings for someone that's been his closet friend. Greek Alkyone a legend of fourteen windless days. Rated M for future Chapters.

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Now he has to deal with the pain of his lost friend. Orihime meets Ichigo in university and they fall in love just like they're destined to. He can kill her another time, he decides. Ichigo wants to be there for her but doesn't understand why his presence causes her more pain.

That if you die or leave me in anyway that I would cease to exist. But he forced her to and along the way he fell in love with her again. Right now, he wants to kiss her.

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It isn't even how a man should love his wife. But not in the way that she or anyone else had expected.