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Close the curtains, tear off each other's clothes and get ready to enjoy a noisy night in. You can opt-out if you wish. With these cards and the roll of the dice, you and your lover will find intimate roles to play. In this Kama Sutra classic she's the one making the moves. The seductive qualities of the aroma and beauty are irresistible.

You will learn things you never knew! View Shopping Cart Check Out. Drive your lover wild with desire! An ancient realm of sacred civilizations, the world of Tattva has become the area between purgatory and Nirvana. Contact us at info mail funfactory web.

Kamasutra the game a love god s experience

Once the last page is reached, keep clicking the arrow and the new pages will appear. The name alone will sell it!

Kamasutra The Game

Simply pull out your pencil and put your mind and bodies together. This kit invites you to crack open your heart and offer its message in a way that will never go stale. Use the spinner to move around the board of sexual activities until one of your markers lands on the bed. Leave a card for your beloved to find and you'll inspire an impassioned rendezvous.

We will send you a secure payment link after you are invoiced or you may call in with your credit card information. Includes pair of dice, rope, mask, deck of cards, feather, and rule booklet. You will talk about things you never dared!

The game for couples who love oral sex. You won't have any trouble getting him to play. Where are the new h-scenes in the gallery?

Love Games for Two Our partner games introduce variety and thrilling new aspects into any partnership! Contact Us Please email or call in your order, funny pictures for our new website will be up soon!

Best Sex Positions of the Kamasutra - Erotic Lovemaking Poses

Perform the action spun on the player the bottle points to. Though you will encounter beautiful, spirited girls, you will also encounter monster girls, demonic Asurian tricksters and other beings who are most definitely not Wanderers like you. And you will do things you've never done before! No one really loses in this game of love.

With this romantic gesture, your love fortune is sure to come true. Roll the dice and take turns pulling sexy Love Affair cards.

It is a way of bringing back or creating new emotions and desires you thought were gone from your love life. Try this sexy trick for a tighter fit and extra g-spot pleasure. The black magic guide to getting lucky, getting even and getting over it. How to Use Our Shopping Cart. All packaged in a really cute tin box.

There's a reason that the Kama Sutra has been the go-to sex position guide for thousands of years. Please email or call in your order, our new website will be up soon! Don't worry, it isn't as hard as the real sedoku. Please use the download link again to receive the latest build which includes the patch for bug fixes and game improvements. There are no losers with Lover's Lotto!

In order to access enemy h-scenes, an enemy must first be the last standing member of an enemy party, and must have their clothes ripped. To tease him, she may partially lower herself, then raise up again. Directions and eye-catching illustrations make it easy and exciting to enjoy love and sex.

The love games are available in a number of languages. Bachelor or Lesbian Party Games.

Kamasutra the game a love god s experience


The Kamasutra Yawning Position will do everything but make you yawn. Sensuality and spirituality characterize the ancient Indian love guide Kamasutra.

Sure, rear entry is one of the sex positions everybody knows. Whether you'd like to work out your revenge or need help getting someone's heart fluttering, you'll find everything you need with tihs.

How do I access enemy h-scenes? The bottle and the wheel spin separately. Includes flavored hot massage oil. Provided are character descriptions, locations and clothing suggestions.

Sex Positions Game

Find a date, improve your mate, change your fate? The colour co-ordinated envelopes then decide who will be the dominant player and who will play a more submissive role today. Spin the wheel, then open the card. These cards are for sex education purposes.

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The in-between space where sinners seeking heaven come to face their final challenge. Have fun learning all of the variations in this Indian art of lovemaking with your partner and experience erotic adventures for body and soul. This will be the last patch before the Steam release, which is still scheduled for this month. The patch will require a redownload of the game, and a new game to be created. Unlike most rear entry positions in which he holds the reins, the Beetle puts her squarely in control.