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Hungama includes a variety of genres including, pop, hip hop, rock, classical, modern and western music streaming. Streaming is quite easy with SoundCloud and you can search and explore your favorite songs and albums from the site. What We Don't Like Offline access isn't free. You can get access to a popular number of radio stations within the site. An awesome way to discover interesting music and songs from new bands is with SoundCloud.

Kathy Lowe loyal listener. The only thing I wish to be changed would be that you have to pay to upgrade every month to be able to play the songs you want and to make a playlist of your own. What We Like Easy-to-use interface. The site contains the different genres of music and seamless streaming.

Main Features of iHeartRadio App

Lots of customizable settings. Just tap the Save button which is located on the player screen.

If you are a music enthusiast you are definitely going to love this music streaming websites. What We Like Relatively inexpensive. There is also a Skip button so you can move on to the next song whenever you want. Relatively clunky interface. With Spotify and Pandora you are much more limited, and with iHeart I can easily switch to favorite local and remote radio stations I have found while traveling.

The iHeartRadio app lets you customize your favorite stations based on your interests or singers. Apart from songs, you will also get news and popular live sports. At Mixcloud, users are also allowed to upload songs and browse any numbers from the site.

What We Don't Like Offline mode isn't free past the trial. Specializing in Bollywood numbers, albums and several genres, Raaga allows you live streaming of music on the site, as well as in its mobile phone app. You will have real-time listening experience with our friends, chat with them and have fun together. To do this, while connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi, select the playlist you wish to make available offline. All music is available offline.

However, some songs on SoundCloud are free to download even on the free memberships. Thank you, my stations know how to keep me happy. Online music streaming on mobile phones. This app does exactly what I need. You can also name or give the station an individual name as you like and share it with all of your friends.

Free version is limited in multiple ways. Any Amazon Prime member has access to millions of ad-free songs for streaming or offline playback. An account is required to listen.

Apart from the web, most of the users prefer using their smartphones for live music streaming. Download any song, album, or playlist to your devices to listen to when you aren't connected to the internet.

Save them to listen offline and create unlimited playlists. What We Like Music from up-and-coming artists. Easy to find certain kinds of music.

Download iHeartRadio App Listen To Free Music Online Without Downloading

Download iHeartRadio App Listen To Free Music Online Without Downloading

Unlike before, users nowadays use several tools and applications to listen to free music online without downloading. You can start straight away by manually searching for radio stations or create your own station. Offline mode is free for one month. What We Don't Like Not free.

Scroll through the directory of curated playlists to find something perfect to listen to. Keep up the good work and improvements. Once done, it takes you straight to the home page of the app. To follow a Podcasts just tap on the desired podcast.

Downloading a song is completely free of cost and you can seamlessly access through the music store by your choice. With TuneIn, you can explore the best music, sports, news and talk shows by selecting your location.

Favorites are kept the mixes and stations you liked previously. You can save a song directly from the radio to your music collection. You can create and download playlists or try one of the curated playlists Apple Music offers. You can also stream videos and radio in the site. What We Like Huge music selection.

What We Don't Like Offline music isn't free for most songs. With iHeartRadio All Access you can listen offline with a quick toggle. If I can make a suggestion leave the songs to list up a while so I can give thumbs up or down later, sometimes I am not able to respond before the song ends. To find Playlists, just tap on Your Library to fin d playlists that you have created or followed. You will find songs from the most popular artists in the site who are world favorites.

Playing and listening to music was never as entertaining as these websites give you. Considered as the real radio station, i want to music to my iphone TuneIn is one of the most preferred platforms for streaming music and listening to them online.

Unfortunately, Pandora is not accessible in India, but still people who reside outside the country can get access to it. It also lets users curate their own custom stations based on their choice of bands, artists or songs. What We Like Helpful for music discovery.

Top 14 Websites to Listen to Free Music Online without Downloading

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Streaming music online is the latest way to enjoy listening songs. The site offer music of all genres and albums and you can either listen to them online or can download them. To avoid using cellular data, just download songs directly to your phone from Apple Music while you have a Wi-Fi connection. This gives you music caching on your desktop or mobile device so you can listen to tracks without having to be connected to the internet. SoundCloud also gives you free music to listen to online without downloading from millions of artists across the world.