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It also presupposes some sort of multi-verse scenario, in which case, Bruce Willis's character shouldn't even exist in that eventuality. This makes it clear that the writers didn't even think they were being clever or original. Everyone has pretty much agreed biological evolution is basically over for us and it's all about technical augmentation now. Shallow and lacking in realism. It might have been interesting had we seen what this Rainmaker character looked and acted like in the future, but that never occurs.

Once we're introduced to the novelty of the how the looper scheme operates, the novelty soon wears off. As thought-provoking as it is thrilling, Looper delivers an uncommonly smart, bravely original blend of futuristic sci-fi and good old-fashioned action. Looper was enjoyable enough but I really can't understand all the praise. Instead, hit songs of enrique iglesias I got a lazily strung together generic action movie with a splash of time travel and super- powers.

We see Joe Joseph Gordon-Levitt traveling to the cornfield and then performing executions one too many times. So, when his future self comes back, present-day self hesitates for a moment and future self gets the drop on him and runs off. First off i would say, don't get discouraged from watching the film if you think its going to be too complex or difficult to follow. The script is tight, hard edged and very dry in its humour, the actors are fantastic. Maybe I expected too much of this film, but I was looking forward to a slick piece of speculative sci-fi that was thought- provoking, realistic and fairly deep.

But okay, let's just run with it. If you want to watch an action film.

Looper (2012)

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They don't give good explanations about why time travel exists, or how it works. It was well acted, shot and directed.

They can make coins float above their hands. There was actually laughter in the cinema when Levitt morphs into Willis. Personally, I found myself rather disappointed.

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There is just a lot of running away from people taking badly aimed pot shots. You might ask what this has to do with time travel or science-fiction. Anyway, I appear to be the only one bothered by this so just go ahead and enjoy the movie. The story is well constructed, information and plot points are presented at an entertaining and well judged pace.

The dynamics of time travel in this film are completely unbelievable. This could have been a great angle to really explore, but instead they just washed over it. On top of this, the whole plot in general is very hard to swallow and lacks in verisimilitude.

If a body disappears from the future, for example in a furnace, then surely it also disappears from the future in time travel? Although there's a feeling that we've seen this before, the ending proves to be passable as we finally have something to feel good about. Soon, Joe finds himself in the same position as Seth.

So why didn't he just kill them with telekinesis like he did the rest of his enemies? This was one of the worst. Where the hell did that come from? There is a certain suspension of disbelief in any time travel movie. In my opinion the plot is extremely lazy and is secondary to the action.

Are we going to be magically linked? Unfortunately the film does neither of these plots well, and ends up ruining both. But to me, this film starts one story and then switches in mid-stream to a story stemming from a second, unrelated science fiction premise. Which I never had a problem with.

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But I started out watching a movie about a hit man who shoots mob victims sent back in time from the future, and knows that his final victim will be his older self. That's the movie I saw in the trailers, the one I expected to see. You're clearly creating a brand new entity when you come back in time. When the story does attempt to explore these issues it does so embarrassingly badly.

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Now present-day self must hunt down and kill future self. Surely the job wasn't that strenuous that they needed to take shifts? Apparently nobody can shoot straight in the future. And then there are the superpowers.

The rain man would have grown up and taken over the world in the same way he did before, and Bruce Willis's wife would still be dead. While some of the action sequences are entertaining, the sci-fi premise is not developed into something clever enough to deserve all the the accolades that have been heaped upon it to date. Abe, the enforcer from the future, forces Joe to betray Seth, who's tortured and his alter ego from the future is hunted down.

Very clever, very original and very welcome. This irked me as it was one of the main draws in my opinion. Personally, I would love to have had more information on the state of government etc as the mobs seemed to be running everything but there really isn't any explanation given to this at all.

To make matters worse, the film moves very slowly in certain places. The other plot is about the dangers of toddlers with uncontrollable telekinesis. One plot is about time travel.