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Match making activity, printable Worksheets

Ideally, the group numbers on the backs of the slips should be in a random order. That is their group number. Can you write anything down? The simplest is just to divide the class into groups of four, give each person one of the four information sheets, and insist that students do not show the sheets to each other.

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Collect the information sheets. If the number of students is not exactly divisible by four, then you should decide in advance whether you will have a few groups of three for the final discussion phase, or a few groups of five. Problems with one of our lists? If your number is circled, do you move? This also adds an element of roleplay.

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Must be the correct type of image. When you have finished, stack the slips in a pile, ready to hand out to the students. Try to choose group leaders so that they are distributed around the class, because the groups will assemble at the group leader's desk.

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Ask the group leaders to say their group numbers, while the others listen. Distribute one information sheet to each pair. Only jpg, jpeg, png, and gif images are fully supported. Therefore we do not support Firefox. What can we do to make them better?

Put the information sheets in a certain order, ready to hand out to the pairs during class. During this stage, the students are also expected to memorise the profiles.

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Each student should receive one, and the names on the slip should match the names on the information sheet that they have been studying. Then tell them that their task is to match up the eight single people in the most appropriate way. Before the activity, dating profiltext vorlagen it is a good idea to introduce some phrases that would be useful while matching people up.

In the former case, you should give the groups of three the missing information sheet to look at. It appears your cookies are turned off. Now comes the most difficult part. Note that there is no single correct answer.

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There are several ways to run this activity. The above document also includes a sheet with the characters names.

Then the information sheets are collected by the teacher, the pairs split up, and groups of four formed. The method below describes a way of doing just this, using slips with group numbers written on the back, but it is not for the faint-hearted! Install these fonts on your computer!

The students should not write down anything! Make enough copies so that each student can receive one pair of names. Now ask the people whose number is circled to stand up.

Specifically, each member in the group of four knows the profiles of two people. Ask everybody to look at the number on the back of the name slip. Can I put this worksheet in my book? The leaders will stay where they are, and the other group members have to move to that area of the classroom and sit down.

What other worksheets would help you? These are the group leaders. If there is enough space in the classroom, forming the new groups of four should be quite easy for the students to do by themselves. Are these worksheets helpful? But before cutting up the sheet, mark the back of each slip with a number to indicate a group number.