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Meana Wolf - Taboo - Mommy Needs Me

Mommy tells him he is going

Nice ride, beautiful pussy, and great filling. Something about it turned me on and before I knew it Daddy and I were making love. Mommy tells him he is going to learn how to properly fuck a woman. Daddy spanked and fucked me for what seems like hours and it felt so good.

After Mommy had given him a special goodnight kiss on his cock Johnny woke up wanting more. She slowly puts him inside of her and rides him.

Daddy and I

Daddy and I got so intense lately that we seem to have a real connection. He knew just how to make me cum and satisfy my needs.

He knew just how

That Pulp Fiction picture in the background is sick. He makes me cum so hard that way.

Nice ride beautifulAfter Mommy had givenThat Pulp FictionSomething about it turned meDaddy spanked and fucked meShe slowly puts him inside