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Remember, the faster you finish a level, the more scores you earn. Grab the papers from the corners and collect all the yellow balls.

Sadness quickly turns to rage - Pac get mad! They can attack you from both sides. Skills required include sharp hand-eye coordination, good anticipation skills, fast reactions, and the ability to remain calm, strategically observe the maze, and act accordingly. If you are good and fast enough, you will be transferred to the next level before you have eaten all of the dots.

The fast-paced action sternly tests your hand-eye coordination, quick reactions, observation skills, strategy under intense pressure, and more! Pacman is super addictive, and the circular yellow pac-dot eating Pac-Man character is a video game icon worldwide! Kill Pacman Kill Pacman Kill all the pacmans! The length of time Ghost Man can chew up these monsters varies from one level of the game to the next becoming shorter as you progress.

This fun-filled game will keep you glued to the screen for hours upon end - in pursuit of this epic quest! Play free Pacman games on this website!

Pacman - Play Free Online Pacman Game and Ms Pacman (Pac Man)

Pacman Game Pacman is highly addictive puzzle game with many level and lots of fun. Sonny Pacman Sonny Pacman Try to get through all levels in this version of pacman!

Eat grass whilst avoiding the nasty beetles especially the fast pale one. If you fall into one of them, you lose a life.

Game Developers - Submit a Pacman game! You must combine sharp reactions with good observation, strategy, and anticipation skills in order to keep your hero out of harm's way while also productively gobbling dots at the same time. Control Henry using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The idea is simple, but this addicting game is by no means easy.

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When Pacman was released, video game developers initially didn't pay much attention to it until Pacman surprised the everyone by taking America by storm. Watch out for the colourful ghosts! Ready to rock and roll Space Artist? Are you ready to put your quick fingers to the test and help Peter survive these jockey-filled mazes? Some of them are faster than the others, so try to be as quick as you can and eat them around.

Pac Adventure - Dracula's Castle. If you can't make it along at the speed of the moving maze, you will be brought back to start all over again. If they catch you, you will lose and have to start again. Pacmad Pacmad Pacman returns on a whole new level.

There are certain items among the red dots which will restore your energy and help you stay in the game. They start to appear in the blue area as well. Beware of the bats and ghosts! When Ghost Man gobbles up a grizzly monster, the monster's eyes remain and they return to the center cave area where the monster returns to life again.

Pacman games

Play Pacman game for free with full screen here. Pac is left him heartbroken. Play as a singular ice cream raider, or team up with a partner to make a deadly duo! Ridiculous Glitching Ridiculous Glitching Dodge walls, ghosts and other obstacles while eating cherries and the famous Pac-Man pills.

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Online pacman is getting very popular these days, people are tired of these complicated games they just wanna have fun, read more about it here. The ghosts must not touch you, wallpapaer just like the original Pacman. Zombie Pacman Zombie Pacman Try to eat all green stuff to complete a level.

Play Free Pacman Games Online

World's Biggest PacMan World's Biggest PacMan Play a huge series of linked up Pacman maze games, can you make your way through all the maze without getting caught by the ghosts? Turn the tables on the ghosts by collecting larger pellets, and score as high as possible by munching on de-activated Ghosts and other fruit power-ups! Avoid the troublesome one-eyed space monsters as they try to stop you in your tracks. To start the game click on the MadPac logo in the middle of the screen and then press Spacebar on your computer keyboard. The maze-like grids become larger and more complex as you progress, with increasing amounts of space aliens to contend with.

Note, that at first, you are safe whenever you are in the blue area, however, as you progress through the levels, some of the ghosts become more powerful. Kero Poursuite Kero Poursuite Walk through the maze and collect all stars without being caught by the aliens. Lost Marbles Lost Marbles Avoid the walls and traps and retrieve all of your marbles. Dark Deception Dark Deception You are locked inside the monkey hotel. Hence, the higher level you reach, the more challenges you face.

Pac-man is a free game you can play online. You can follow the cheats or help option online to get ideas how to play Pacman game step-by-step. From classic fun games to the most challenging.

Decision making skills also come into play as you ponder when to gobble the larger pellets to send the Ghosts running scared. The puzzles are unique and more levels that can be achieved logically. There's always a bigger Pacman. However, you can reverse this by picking up one of the black teeth that are located in the corners of the labyrinth, to bite the Ghoolies back.

You have to be very quick and accurate, and you have a lot of dots to eat. Super Space Roller is a challenging Pacman-style skill game where you have to paint every square on a futuristic grid while avoiding pesky space aliens. Can you collect all the coins in the maze? Oops, don't get carried away, once the beetles stop blinking, you are in danger again.

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Be aware of the clowns who want to catch you. It can be found everywhere in all main stream book and magazines publishing houses. Beat the score and become the best pacman player of the world! What does it mean the game Pacman? The maze is made unsafe by four colourful ghosts.

Turn the tables and eliminate them by collecting special Star power-ups. There are various obstacles along your way that you need to overcome and avoid including the bats and ghosts who are waiting to get you. This is only for a limited time and you need to be quick.

Pacman Jungle Pacman Jungle Pacman's car breaks down and he needs to head into the jungle to collect some items, but of course the jungle is full of mazes, dots and ghosts. However, you can temporarily turn the tables on the Ghosts by gobbling the large white dots.