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But there is another Param Brahman. Therefore the real life is to inquire about Brahman. We are Brahman, belkin wireless g router f5d7230 4 software we are pure.

Pavitram means the purest. Another Byanga kabita by Dr.

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So how can we not be cheated? So He comes as ordinary, not ordinary, as human being, but He is the supreme human being.

You are the Supreme Brahman. And if you are not fire, then you will burn. Jivana diye jiye Sangeeta Mishra.

Of course, Arjuna was convinced. Why shall I surrender to him? That means you have to keep yourself in goodness. Just like we are very minute. Because he's not this matter, he's spirit soul.

Sangama yugare S Durgesh Nandini. We living entity, we are eternal, pure. So really understanding Absolute Truth means to understand His personal feature. Gold may be a small particle, gold, but it is gold.

This is Vedic injunction, that one must go. We are meant for being enjoyed, not to take the post of enjoyer. We have got the same constitutional position but very minute.

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Why you, rascal, interpret in a different way, rascal? But if you take it as it is, then immediately you can understand that you are Brahman. And if you prepare rubbish thing, one man may be cheated, but that will not be attraction for the general.

Then your knowledge is perfect. Suppose, just like you are medical man, you are giving somebody medicine, you are giving the direction.

If you say something, it must be supported by authorities. So what is the ultimate knowledge? And after reading I understand that I am God.

Anuradha Paudwal-ParamBrahma. Paramajyoti Parambrahma Sis.

These nonsense things are going on. In the meantime, you can observe the ceremonies.

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If we remain forgetful of our father, that is not a very good position. You'll eat, you'll mate, but just like human being, civilized man. And what benefit you will get with spoiled thing? Imperson is the, another feature of the person.

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Veins, as soon as you have got this veins, that is material body. Dhanya hela a jeevan Sailabhama.

Sunya Re Brahma Subash Das mp3 download

Parabrahman is not without enjoyment, because wherefrom the idea of enjoyment comes unless it is in the Parabrahman? Humorous Oriya Poem By Dr. Lower condition of life means sinful reaction. There is nothing material in His opulences and exhibitions of wealth, fame, strength, beauty, knowledge and renunciation.

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That is the only business. It has nothing to do with your religiousness. So Arjuna is giving such evidences. So when there is description of the Lord that He is formless, He is formless means He is not of this form.

Param Brahma Oriya Bhajan Free Mp3 Download

Sneha pushpa arpane Shailabhama. Bhayaeka Kagaja Bagha Sis. If you want to enter fire, you must be fire. Baba tyma pakhe mora Uma Kalyani.

Pavitra means the supreme pure. Shiv sundar shiva hi satya Bijay Sahoo. Nobody can count how many living entities are there, but God is one. Arjuna is talking with God.