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We are glad you found it and are benefitting. The Arabic text is taken from Mushaf al Madinah. Ad-Dhuha The Morning Hours. We do not give lessons on Arabic grammar.

Quran Pak With Urdu Translation by Maulana Syed Shabir in PDF

This archive consist of Holy Quran in arabic along with the word by word translation in urdu. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali. Understanding the Koran for Arabs is not very difficult but for Non-Arabs, it is quite difficult to learn the meanings of verses. Thank You for providing this title in Urdu translation.

Please remember to share with your family and friends, Brother. Millions of Muslims live around the world. Assalam-o-alikum, This is very wonderful work. Such publishers who follow this example are Darusunnah Publications and Salafipublications. Asalam O Alkum, Brother who is sound of translator?

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Click Here To DownloadFile. Az-Zalzala The Earthquake.

PakQuran - Collection of Quran Islamic Books and Naatain

Knowing the meaning of the sacred text is important for all Muslims because only reading is not enough. Ours Sacred Scripture contains all types of information. Arabic is a very difficult language. Please how can I download it? Az-Zukhruf Ornaments of Gold.

Books by Language uslprototype. The issue has been resolved. That this type of translation is easy available any where. Please download these files and share them to your friends and family to spread the message of Islam to millions of people that can understand urdu or hindi language.

Al-Inshiqaq The Sundering. We provide female teachers for females. May Allah accept it from us and aide us all in this mission, Ameen.

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We explain translation in both Urdu and English language. We have the best tutoring method.

We only explain the meanings of the Arabic language. Home Free Blogger Templates. Unblock myspace proxy, Music by Guitar Chords Lyrics. Jazakallah for the incredible work you have done, just love this.

Assalamu Alaikum akhi great work, the official dsa complete theory test kit Can you please provide me link of website or pdf from where you have taken Urdu Translation because i want to use this in my Videos. Can you please provide me link of website or pdf from where you have taken Urdu Translation because i want to use this in my Videos. Everyone wants that the translation should be available in their local language so that they can better absorb its wisdom.

Full Quran with Urdu Translation - Urdu Quran

Kindly try to add translation by Jalandhri. Please write name of translator.

Ur recitation is very heart touching. The knowledge of the Quran can help us in transforming our lives. Please go throu different pages if you get time and give me the feedback. Mishari bin rasheed sahab k saat Urdu mai awaz kyun sahab ki hai. Fussilat Explained in Detail.

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Very good effort but need to switch book orientation It's a bit confusing when I go to next page it feels like I am going to previous page. Many words are easy to learn but only a few words are very difficult. It is one of the most important courses that we all should study.

Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an with Arabic text in the modern English language. Remember me in your prayer. Apprehending the meanings of Ayah and Surah help you get a real knowledge of the Holy Book. Our Teaching Method We are a reliable place to start Tarjuma course. Al-Isra The Night Journey.

PakQuran - Collection of Quran Islamic Books and Naatain

We pray this for all our Brotehrs and Sisters in the Ummah, Ameen. At-Taghabun Mutual Disillusion. Understanding the Evil of Innovation. Al-Kafiroon The Disbelievers.

Read in detail means read Quran with Tarjuma. The Quran was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. Allah o akar when i listen urdu audio quran. Please share with your family and friends. Those who only know English can start this course with us because we have English speaking tutors.

Al-Mumenoon The Believers. And He become Imam Khana Khab. Its very good job done by u i like it a lot and would like to share it with my contacts. It is really nice to know that you are working to promote the site.

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We have expert tutors who ensure the transfer of accurate knowledge to the students. Recitation By Mishary Rashed Alafasy. Ar-Ruqyah-Yaser Al-Dosary. Please find the download links at the top of the posts.