Rambo Hack V2.6

Improved default settings for all games fixes palette and input mapping issues. Mesen is now available in Ukrainian.

Fixed a crash, an issue with automatic disk insertion and improved emulation compatibility. Added a number of new features.

Improved accuracy of sprite overflow bug emulation. Fixed a bug with low frequencies on the triangle channel.

Fixed issue with standard controllers not working correctly in a very specific case. Fixed a bug with the aspect ratio option when overscan was used at the same time. This release is a beta - save states, movies, etc.

Fixed bug that caused auto-updates to fail MesenUpdater. Automatically select appropriate controllers when loading a recognized game. Assembler now has syntax highlighting. Money and collect useful bonuses.

Added palette presets and option to export palette to. Shoot and Dash to Mambo and his team join this exciting adventure shooting and car rides! Added support for multiple submappers. Added a few options in the advanced tab. Fixed sound tempo in Dendy mode.

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This is still a work in progress and may contain bugs and crashes. Various bugfixes and a few improvements.

Screensavers will no longer turn on while playing games with a DirectInput controller. Fixed a crash that could occur on some systems during gameplay. Fixed sound issues when using low volume levels in the sound mixer. Special characters like a pirate, robot, vishnu bhakti songs gangster open.


Added option to display controller input on the screen. Improved open bus implementation. Added support for CoolBoy boards. Added several new features and options Step Back, configure input, etc.

Fixed regression bug with intensify color and grayscale bits emulation. Fixed a crash that could occur when enabling Google Drive integration. While they are not perfect for assessing an emulator's overall accuracy, they still provide a decent estimate. Fixed issues with DirectInput controllers and the debugger. Some tests are currently not included in this list because their behavior on real hardware needs to be validated.

Fixed a bug in the square channel's sweep units - fixes audio distortion in some games. Added a link to the new online documentation site in the Help menu. With incredible machine guns and unparalleled driving in a war zone, jump, dive, and try to avoid obstacles and enemy fire. Improvements to video scale management and corrected aspect ratio presets. Fixed issues that could occur when applying large numbers of cheats.

Added channel panning options. Improved emulation accuracy. Added configuration for brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

Rewrote movie file format from scratch to be a lot more flexible, and editable by hand. Added some new options per-game overscan, audio reduction during rewind, etc. Supported Mappers Each mapper number represents a different cartridge type.

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Fixed issue with sound emulation Fixes Bio Miracle. Added an initial setup dialog for new users. Not all mappers are as important - some are used by hundreds of games, others are used by a single game.

Fire all weapons test your strength! Added support for the Famicom's second controller's microphone. Fixed a bug that prevented Gumshoe from booting.

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