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Rescu helps faire workers who are sick or injured to pay hospital bills, works with hospitals to lower bills, and locates charities who will defray certain medical costs. No, we work at the ren faire, we're not Amish.

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Faires only run on weekends. So what do we ren faire workers do on the week days?

In time the fair became popular enough to expand to a seasonal, six-week event called the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Of course I wear a costume. Still, I love doing faires, and may get back into doing more of them as time goes by. The fair was a one-weekend event featuring volunteer actors and local vendors.

On Monday I drive my truck to the internet cafe. What do you do for health insurance? We call this event Bizarre Bazaar. Me at Bristol Ren Faire opening gate. Ren faire workers tend to take care of each other with a passion.

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Does everyone at the faire travel together? As much fun as we workers may have, the faire is a job.

Kenny Klein with Stapler

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Now at each faire in the U. And that guy over there in the black-and-white tights is stealing my act! Most stage performers at faires are exceptionally talented and very creative. Most of us spend the weekend on our stages or in our booths, so we don't get a chance to socialize much at work. Ren faire workers tend to be very smart, and very free-thinking.

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But honestly, I think people who only attend faire on occasion have only heard of two or three acts, so assume any performer they encounter must be a member of those two or three acts. One of my favorite times of faire work is Monday morning, which for us are like Saturday mornings the first day off after our work week. At each faire around the U.

In the past, most had no other home than their camper, van or booth. Each one each year has a theme. It was her birthday last Sunday. You can talk to most ren faire workers about pretty much anything, and they will follow the conversation and have thoughts of their own to add. To get a sense of how different those are, think of fashions in compared to fashions now.

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Some faires give their local cast a training in improv performance, ensemble acting and stage combat that would cost tens of thousands of dollars if received from an acting or arts conservatory. Really, I get asked that all the time. But indeed, I use an English accent when performing at faires. But what I play sure sounds like renaissance music.

Kansas City Faire is very conservative in its hiring of stage acts some people I have spoken to say that the entertainment director, who is a Mormon, will not hire Pagans. And many street performers do their local faires for the acting experience. Most are happy as clams or, perhaps, as turkey legs to travel year-round working faires and living at the faire in their booth or in the campground. Patrons would sit partially naked there, and I once entered the pub to do a show and found a woman with her bared behind in the air being whipped.

Each entertainer and each merchant has a separate contract with each faire they do. Faires in different parts of the U. In answer to the issue that most ren faire people, being self-employed, had no health insurance, a few faire people created a fund called Rescu to help defray medical costs. But many musical stage acts play original songs, how to unsubscribe from zoosk dating site or traditional songs from the Irish pub scene dating back to maybe the s such as the songs The Mermaid or The Wild Rover.

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Do you speak with an accent? Most things, like swords and chain mail, are made the way they might have been made in the s. Here at Bristol, this year's theme is Apocalypse Wow I still have absolutely no idea what I am going to wear, and the formal is tomorrow night. We also have a Rescu Rally at each faire, where we perform non-faire shows for each other, and hold both a silent auction and a heated verbal auction, with all money going to Rescu. The Texas Ren Faire is a late autumn event, so many rennies work there and simply stay through the winter.

Another favorite ren event is Funky Formal. People who work in booths have contracts with a particular booth owner, and are often sent to whichever faire they are needed in by that booth owner. People who work faire as a lifestyle as opposed to weekenders who work a real job and do local faires on weekends are a weird, crazy, freewheeling bunch. Do you live this way year-round? In contrast, Texas faires can be very bawdy.

However, not all faire workers do it for the pay. Beside eating and selling stuff, it's a social hour. One of our newest and most interactive shows.

Nearly every rennie volunteers, contributes or supports Rescu in some way. Soon renaissance fairs began springing up around the U. The campgrounds can vary in attitude too. This is where I'm living at the moment. But here in Kenny world, it's ren faire time again.

The Hurdy-Gurdy is a mechanical violin, populart among French minstrels during the Renaissance. Now I only do two or three faires a year, and focus more on festivals and local gigs. Let's start with what it is and isn't.