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List of Sega video game franchises

While this series did not begin with Sega as either a developer or a publisher, Sega did publish later games in the series. If you enjoyed Myst, you'll thoroughly enjoy Riven. This action-adventure asks the player to make the ultimate decision between good and evil. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

For Saturn owners looking for something other than the usual mix of fighters and shooters, Blazing Dragons is a good bet. If you're looking for yet another mech game and don't care if the game is any good or not, Amok might be right up your alley.

Just download and start playing it. Yoot Tower - billed as the sequel to SimTower - is actually no more than a rehash.

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Arcade Edition Coming unreleased. Accolade SegaWorld Video game franchises List of games. The director of Jet Set Radio Future is heading up this hybrid action strategy game, which alternates dungeon crawling and city building. While it may disappoint dyed-in-the-wool Resident Evil fans, Dreamcast newcomers looking for an adventure fix on their new machine should be pleased.

There are about more thanthirty events which can be played by the player. Embark on an adventure through a mysterious island where clues abound and you must try to reverse a wrong that has gone unchecked for ages. Which developed by Sega Studios Australia andpublished by Sega. You can download it free from our website.

Final Stage Unknown Release Date unreleased. Touch Striker Unknown Release Date unreleased. It is a sports Olympic game where player can win medals for his country. Comix Zone First Released July unreleased.

Kemono Friends Unknown Release Date unreleased. The game features an online mode for players wishing to compete with other challengers worldwide.

Sega Touring Car Championship. Almost all of these titles and series have been published by Sega with the exception of a couple of franchises in which Sega was the developer. This is a list of video game franchises published or developed by Sega or a subsidiary of the company.

Take a traditional two-dimensional platform game, add a third dimension, and you have Bug! There are all countries present in the game which usually participate in olympics. Video game franchises owned by Sega Sammy.

Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! World Club Champion Football. Conduit Unknown Release Date unreleased. It is full and complete game. Also included in the franchise list is Total War.

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First Released unreleased. London is the first olympic video game that includes cooperative events in the local multiplayer mode. He has to fight with opponent system user so he has to be conscious and a bit clever attitude should be adopted. He praised the online and offline multiplayer mode.

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List of Sega video game franchises

Download Will Start Automatically. Side scrolling shoot-em-up. Tactical role-playing game. You can leave a response or trackback from your own site.

Baku Baku captures the addictive qualities of the original Tetris and surpasses it in terms of two-player action. Where it depends on the player to selecthis skills, game.

It's definitely unique and uniquely Sega, and the Dreamcast game library needs more wacky games like this - Seaman needs the company. In short, Sonic Team has created a party experience for the ages - like Bomberman, the best idea is to grab a bunch of friends and go head-to-head.

It's clearly the best traditional computer role-playing game of the year and is bound to be an all-time favorite for many of its inevitable fans. Download it free from our website.

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In the case of a franchise in which there are multiple games but no series article exists, the first game in the series is the main article and is linked to this list. Approx all games are also included for the player, ki kou breathing techniques he can select any game of his choice and can win an award for his country.

The Game may fall short of Gold, it's certainly deserving of a respectable Bronze. Catch criminals by chasing them and ramming their cars off the road in Chase H. In the game youcan select any other yourfavourite country and can win awards by playing games and participating in championships.

Planet Tours Coming unreleased. London Game is purely customizable. Installation Guide Video is also on bottom of Next page.