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A Thousand MilesVanessa Carlton s A Thousand Miles cinema s basic bitch stapleVanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles Lyrics

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles Lyrics

It seems that, like Natalie, more and more proud basics are realising that liking what you like is nothing to be ashamed of, and A Thousand Miles works as a perky soundtrack for that revelation, too. That happens when A Thousand Miles comes on the radio and they are unable to sing along to all the words. For other uses, best place for music 2013 see Miles.

Why is A Thousand Miles the most referenced song in cinemaVanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles Lyrics

The song is Carlton's most successful single, and her only top twenty hit in the U. It just kind of happened and it will never happen again like that. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Despite this, he was concerned that the song's piano basis would put it at a disadvantage in the marketplace if it were to be released as a single. Some expressed interest, but Carlton did not agree with their suggestions for alternative titles for the song.

It begins with Carlton entering her garage and uncovering her piano. That's usually my litmus test. The night after that, I heard the song on the radio for the first time. While playing, she passes by bikers and footracers on the road, near a parade downtown, along the beach, and across other parts of the city, gradually taking place until the sun sets. It's about a love that so consumes you that you do anything for it.

In the end, she finally returns to her garage, where she gets up and leaves. That's how I felt at that time. It seemed exactly the sort of tune that Basic B a woman of unoriginal cultural interests would hum while sipping on a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and making brunch plans. Recording Industry Association of Japan.

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Vanessa Carlton tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution while in town that some top hip hop stars are big fans of her breakout hit. The song became popular amongst U.

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles Lyrics

Meanwhile, her most famous song is out in the world living its best life. It didn't press the emotional buttons the way I envisioned it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Carlton told the website Contactmusic.

Iovine was very impressed with the song, and requested that a music video be filmed immediately for it. After a few minutes, I just covered my eyes and started to laugh. The song is like a mini musical of its own. Both the album and single were given substantial promotion on the Internet. The music video was filmed in Newbury Park, California.

Natalie realises she needs to open her heart and in come those tell-tale piano tinkles. It was all so unbelievable. When she starts playing and the song begins, the piano starts to move through the neighborhood outside. The song received critical acclaim from music critics. It has also been sampled by T.

Discography Awards and Nominations. It received heavy airplay on the channel following its premiere on the top-ten video program Total Request Live in early January, and was popular enough to be retired from the show's countdown.

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Vanessa Carlton s A Thousand Miles cinema s basic bitch staple