Tom The Talking Cat 2

With the fate of the city resting on their shoulders the Heroes with their incredible friendship and co-operation manage to defeat the dinosaur. Tom and Hank are floating in space, and Tom is trying to capture a star to give to Angela. Pierre gets too focused on his game, thinking his friends are the zombies.

Talking Tom Talking Tom and Friends

Now you can raise your own virtual pet cat! Hank helps Tom to skateboard since the latter wants to impress Angela.

My Talking Tom

This marks the debut of Talking Angela. It turns out to be a nightmare.

Best 25 Talking Tom Unblocked Games

Grab your bathing suit, complete levels to earn keys and then use the keys to unlock, build, and customize the water park of your dreams. We are going places, I guarantee it. Get ready to race jetskis with Talking Tom and Friends!

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Well, you know how exciting and funny the game is especially in competitive multiplayer. Tom is desperate to make both the guys and Angela happy after they both want to spend time with him - in the end they all have ice cream at the local cafeteria. Hank needs to unclog his toilet by himself when Tom and Angela are exploring the islands near his home.

My Talking Tom

Talking Angela's smartphone dies and Talking Tom tries to keep her entertained until it is repaired, folder recovery tool which will take a long time. This marks the addition of Talking Hank's scenery to the episode intro. Talking Tom Heroes have to race to save the day when Talking Tom accidentally gives his car way too much super speed elixir. Get ready for the mission and get your opponents soaking wet! An endless-runner game where the characters chase down a thief and retrieve their lost gold.

When Tom helps Angela in the garden, they discover a hidden secret. Angela turns detective before it's too late. Get coins by completing the objectives and daily challenges. My Talking Tom, as the name of the game suggests, implies that Tom can actually speak! Then Ben and the others bring the beach fun to Ginger.

Tom and Angela struggle while Hank succeeds naturally like in his app using a bucket of sweets, which he throws on his head and the monkeys get attracted to him. Talking Tom and Friends must save the day when a fire-breathing monster comes to life before their very eyes. Talking Tom was featured in the film Nine Lives. As the flames jump higher, Tom jumps into action and transforms on his own to save the day. Chase after the robber together with fun buddies who help you with their awesome special abilities.

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Do you want to ride some seriously sweet waves? Tom and Angela compete against Ben and Hank in a swimming pool challenge - Ben almost drowns after he tries to use a tube to help him cheat.

Will they find a way to stop the Raccoon Robber? Name your new grey fur ball and take care of his needs! Can they stop the swarm of desert creatures? In the end, they realize that the decade they're currently living in is the best. Unlock new items and gain more coins along the way.

Later, Tom and Ben decide to destroy the robot. Interact with Pierre the Parrot, who also makes up his own sentences and plays guitar riffs.

Play mini-games that are available in the game itself. And he says whatever you tell him. And upgrade your Camp as fast as you can to get cool water weapons before your enemies! Angela feels attracted to Tom when he starts doing housework.

Ginger decides to sabotage the film and it seems to be successful, until, much to his horror, Tom, Angela, Ben and Hank used props to deal with this. While lost, Angela makes a fire for Hank and Hank gives half of his food for Angela.

Tom tries to help Angela find her lost phone. However, Angela then starts to enjoy board games and has a game night with the boys and always wins against them, despite the fact her phone gets repaired. Angela wants Tom to go with her to the Flower Festival, but Tom's hay fever makes things a problem.

The plush toys talk and interact with multiple Talking Tom and Friends apps, as well as with each other, using an advanced voice recognition system. Tom gets too greedy when he wants to clone himself. It is soon revealed to be a tiger, but just before it attacks Hank, it eats one of his marshmallows, causing it to get chased by the furious puppy. However, as Angela is laughing, she soon screams when a real ghost emerges from the window.

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Join the adventure of a lifetime! Feed him, bring him to the toilet, tuck him into bed, dress him up and watch him grow. The secret turns out to be Ben's underground home, making him lose his temper on Tom. By continuing to use our website we will assume you agree with receiving all cookies. Have you ever played Fun Run?