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You may also be interested in. When police arrives at the spot, Muthupandi takes the blame for the murder and requests Santhosh to marry Kavitha and lead a happy life. Use Singify, India's best Karaoke App. Muthupandi feels proud of them.

Something Something Unakkum Enakkum Lyrics

Including karaoke list, Postal address, Contact number and payment details Send attachment to. When Kavitha is about to leave the place, Muthupandi suddenly arrives and is shocked to see her condition. Also, it is hinted that Muthupandi and Valli, their servant Mallika develop love for each other.

Everyone tries to extinguish the fire and Santhosh rescues Muthupandi from a near accident due to the fire. The officer feels proud of him and blesses him. Nothing gonna change my love for u. In the end, Santhosh and Kavitha are married. He also reveals that Santhosh is the right match for his sister Santhosh wins the challenge as he has cultivated more compared to Muthupandi, following which he agrees for their wedding.

Something Something Unakkum Enakkum Tamil Songs Lyrics

Something Something Unakkum Enakkum Lyrics

Wherever, Whenever - Shakira. He sees Santhosh living a typical farmer's life, and eating plain rice with chilli powder, he gets triggered.

Thoovaanam Karaoke Version - Romeo Juliet. The next day, Muthupandi reveals to his guardian, a railway manager that he added extra bundles in Santhosh's so that he can win.

Un Paarvaiyil Song Lyrics From Something Something Unakkum Enakkum

Lalitha is Kavitha's best friend, and she too comes to Chennai a few days before the wedding. Dandanakka Karaoke Version - Romeo Juliet.

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Unakkum Enakkum Theatrical poster. Something Something Unakkum Enakkum. Unakkum Enakkum is a Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed by M. The film has six songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad who retained all the tunes from the original Telugu film. Our site all songs available.

Led Kannala Karaoke - Pencil. Venkatesh and editing by S. Santhosh apologizes to Muthupandi for the misunderstandings and requests to get Kavitha married to him.

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Krishnan overhears Kavitha's conversation with her servant and realizes that she too had been sleeping on the floor despite cold conditions and proper bed and eating the same food as Santhosh. Kangalilae Karaoke - Pencil. Janaki realizes her mistake and apologizes to Muthupandi. After two successful remakes, Raja opted to remake successful Telugu film Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana with his brother Ravi in lead role alongside Trisha reprised her role from original. Santhosh tries hard to do farming, and somehow, he manages to learn cultivation.

Hi, You can get all these songs and more right on your mobile phone. As long as you love me - Back street boys. Fools Garden - Lemon Tree. Dear sir Is it possible to get the tracks via mail? Slowly, Santhosh and Kavitha become good friends, neuroradiology the requisites and love blossoms between them.

Can you feel the love tonight. Its totally free, you can sing, record, and share with your friends anywhere and anytime. He allots an acre of agricultural land to Santhosh and asks him to do farming there. On the officer's request, Muthupandi tells his story.

Films directed by Mohan Raja. His son plans to forcefully marry Kavitha. Top of the world - Carpenters Karaoke. Muthupandi lives in a village and brings up his sister with lot of care and affection. Music backing tracks are also available for instrumental practice and jamming.

Un Paarvaiyil Song Lyrics From Something Something Unakkum Enakkum

Backing tracks are also known as jam tracks. Deeyaalo Deeyalo Karaoke - Kayal.

Something Something Unakkum Enakkum Tamil Songs Lyrics

Something Something Unakkum Enakkum Tamil Movie

He gets angry, scolds everyone there for hurting his sister, and also takes her with him back to the village. When Muthupandi agrees, Santhosh starts work, although he does not know farming.

Rani Barsha Priyadarshini. Muthupandi is getting released the next day and expresses his feelings of seeing his married sister, and his niece or nephew. His son wants to marry Kavitha at any cost. Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana by Potla.

My heart wil go on - Titanic. One night, when Sivaji's son try to burn Santhosh's land, it backfires and Mayandi is gets admist the chaos and gets burned on his back. When he arrives in the village, everyone gets shocked. When Muthupandi completes telling his story, the officer gets surprised for such a man.

Santhosh who is still upset as Kavitha left him, learns from Lalitha what happenen. When he asks him why is he telling the truth a day before completing his sentence, Muthupandi says that he wants his sister to stay happy forever with the man he loves. Now Muthupandi comes with a challenge. While waiting for a connecting flight in Mumbai, Santhosh escapes from his mother and goes back to Chennai, in the idea of heading to Kavitha's village.

He also sets the shed on fire where Santhosh is staying. The film starts with Muthupandi Prabhu sitting alone in his jail cell when the police officer, Vijayakumar meets him. Santhosh, a fun-loving person, develops an attraction immediately after seeing Kavitha, but Kavitha does not reciprocate, and she maintains distance with Santhosh. Krishnan comes to India to confront Kavitha and Muthpandi and bring back Santhosh.

These are authentic music rendered for Karaoke with permission of the creators. He tries to convince Santhosh and asks him to come back to London. Plz gave me kadhal vanthaley karoke song fron singam i wont to practice and going to sing. He also tells her that their true love would win and asks her to stay strong.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bijay Siddhanta Mahapatra. Something Something Tippu lyrics. Santhosh and Kavitha were waiting to conduct the marriage only after Muthupandi is released.