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To the uninitiated, chess can seem like a frightening orthodoxy, determined to force the creativity of the winner and the folly of the loser into rigid, almost moralistic rationalism. It's a daunting task, writing about openings which grandmasters don't respect and devotees worship. We who play such openings live in a gnosis in which the experience of the game counts more than whether a particular opening grants long-lasting salvation. But Schiller handles the task well.

Nimzovitch and the gang of Moderns had some unorthodox ideas most of which have become accepted. Computers hum mercilessly, hanging to paraphrase a song the chess angels from the gallows of science. We need more books about the joy of chess, women dating smaller men and fewer writings about how people wish to stifle the game in mazes of misbegotten politics and misplaced engineering. Paperback Chess inspires curious acts of faith and fortune.

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Jonny Hector and Tartakower spring to mind.

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He patiently explains the virtues and flaws in each offbeat opening. Before you can swim against the tide, first you must learn how to swim. No doubt some lines will require different attention in the next edition. Though not a pro when Karpov was giving a simul in Glasgow he refused to allow Roddy to play which speaks volumes for the respect he had.

Though at the lower levels as long as you have a sharpish tactical eye then you can often get away with anything. The book has only minor flaws. The opening moves of the game are elaborately named, studied at length, categorized and data-based. If it is not the fully comprehensive work that one might hope, this is because Mr. Schiller's style is clear, concise, and straightforward.

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Unorthodox Chess Openings - Eric Schiller - Google Books