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Collect the crates around this area. Procure the nearby red crates and head down to the security door.

Wall-E is the only robot on Earth who works hard. In addition, the game will contain new storylines and environments that movie-goers will not see in theaters. Pixar has been lucky so far with computer game franchises of their titles.

PS3 - PlayStation

Explosive Cube Explosive cubes are pretty rare throughout the game, but they are very powerful. Use the ramp to make the jump to the next platform. You will soon reach the end all this platform jumping Thank God.

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Take aim at the target to the left of the door and launch a cube at it. Press the Action Button over it to uncover a set of binoculars.

Proceed further down and there soon some Red Crates up ahead so get ready for those. Just limit the distance between you and your robot to get it working. Make your way to the mobile platform to resume your pursuit. We will come back for the Blue Crates stacked out of reach later. Notice that there is a cube machine to the left here, so now is the time to procure the two Blue Crates in this room that were previously out of reach.

When you're ready, drive up the ramp towards the two crossed off crates. There is a Laser Roulette machine under the initial catwalk. Go into the door on the right.

Wall-E PC Game Free Download

Wall-E PC Game - Free Download Full Version

Head to the right wall and you should see a path leading you over the darkness. Now time to go back to that machine and go to the far end wall, calquan on the right.

Secure them and hit the Y button to get the attention of the Reject Robot. Use the First Person Laser mode to procure the red crates.

Actually, You will just work by yourself at the primary levels. Please select and accept your settings before you continue. Shop without retyping payment details. Proceed into the tunnel laser the red crates on the other side. Security Bot The security bot is the one with the square head, small arms, no body, and is always floating.

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All you have to do is hit the square that appears on the screen, and that's it. All right, now let's turn our attention to the yellow truck in the centre of the area. Then, use the ramp and the Jump Button to actually get on to the truck, where the red crates originally were. Proceed ahead to finish the level.

Use your Magnetic Cube and throw it at the red BnL trigger to the left. Gain some speed and launch yourself on to the area with all the crates.

Throw the explosive crate at it. Use the next turnpike to accelerate on to the launching ramp ahead to get to the next platform. You should know by now that you shouldn't use the Jump Button when moving from turnpike to turnpike. Go up the hill and accelerate towards the ramp and jump towards the crates.

Wall-E PC Game Free Download

Be sure to actually use the Jump Button here, or you will fall through. Remember to get the red crate that is out of reach to the left.

This one is slightly challenging. Just use your directional buttons. Select options to continue.

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Still standing on the ground, throw a cube at the trigger on the right. That is almost always a certain death. Once you make it into the next hallway, stay on your toes because you have to do some more moving.

PS3 - PlayStation

The best thing to do during this part is to hold down on your Laser Button and just keep alternating between the Stewards and the Red Crates. Proceed up the mountain a bit and you should soon another Blue Crate. Once you're done with that, head over to the security door. Begin by using the speed ramp to go into maximum speed.

Next, grab another Magnetic Cube and throw it at the nearest door in the north part of the room. Don't stop after you've passed the obstacles because you need to maintain full speed and use the ramp to launch yourself to the other side. There is Red Crate on this side. The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality. There are also two cubes that are throw-ready conveniently placed near the pile.

This should give you access to the middle portion of the surgical room. There are actually four of them because of how they are stacked.