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Kaito is handily defeated when Gamemaster answers each question before they are displayed. Koenma journeys his way toward Sensui's lair. Genkai arrives to heal the harsh wounds of both Botan and Shizuru. Using his new spirit sword, Kuwabara frees his friends and defeats Seaman. Sakyo sold these demons in his black market, acquiring millions of dollars in profit.

Kurama finds Keiko and Shizuru in the elevator. Though they have him outnumbered, they prove to be outmatched against Sensui's attacks. Ultimately, Yusuke blasts Doctor outside of his territory, rendering him unconscious and resolving the situation.

However, before Kuwabara can get to him, Yusuke is struck down by Sensui. Hiei later fights Yusuke, only to prove the point the motivation that harnesses spirit energy. The four head to the mansion where Yusuke is held, and find Kaito in the first room.

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Kuwabara is unable to snatch from Yanagisawa the key to the room leading toward Yusuke. Nonetheless, Yusuke's body is taken over by a mysterious force, dating abuse stops here fully awakening his demon side.

Kuwabara slices through the barrier between worlds to pursue Sensui into the Demon World. Meanwhile, Kurama goes to see Koenma, as he suspects that Koenma may already know the identity of who is behind the plot to destroy the barrier. While Seaman traps Kuwabara's friends inside his aquatic creature, Kuwabara's inability to use his powers force him into a critical situation. Pu is transported to the lair and transformed into a phoenix. Murota agrees to assist the four in finding the person causing the breach.

Unable to figure out who actually is the fraud, Yusuke manages to use his intuition to successfully identify that Kuwabara has been impersonated. It is revealed that Genkai orchestrated this test of perception, in which the mind will be needed as much as the body. Kurama reveals to Gamemaster that he will die if he loses the game. Seaman talks about a video called Chapter Black, showing footage of victims of humankind's atrocities against their fellow men.

Sensui and Sniper make their appearance, launching an attack on Seaman. To stop him, Koenma releases the wicked seal conscience ring, but Sensui's power enables him to destroy it, making the situation seem hopeless. Kurama yells to scare him, but he manages not to cry out.

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Yusuke challenges Murota to a boxing match, easily defeating him. Kuwabara is no longer held captive. Yusuke chases after Doctor, recognizes his talents of cutting and stitching. Sniper sends hundreds of rock projectiles at Yusuke with pinpoint accuracy, putting the latter in a dangerous situation. Yanagisawa disguises himself as one of the four, forcing Yusuke to determine who is the impostor.

Both Kurama and Hiei find out about makai insects trying to inhabit the city once again. Yusuke stops Koenma before he attacks and handily defeats Kazuya. The protagonists are given three weeks to seek and destroy the ones responsible for the breach. It is until Kurama makes silly faces at Kaito that cause the latter to laugh, thereby breaking the taboo.

Although Hiei is reluctant to do so, Botan convinces him to come with them. This emotional control and intimidation result in Gamemaster forfeiting the game and his life in the process.

Sensui clarify the reason for opening a tunnel to the Demon World, for which it is his grave as well as his repentance. Indicating that there is only two days preceding the breach, it is up to Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama to stop Sensui. As Yusuke manages to gain the advantage through sheer determination, Sensui switches personalities to Kazuya, a merciless killer.

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Itsuki takes Sensui's body into his dimension, in solitude and peace. Yusuke and Kuwabara part ways after the latter decides to attend a concert with his friends. Since Kurama and Hiei only have demon energy, they are unable to pass the barrier, unlike Sensui, who possesses sacred energy. Seaman is to play in a tennis match in the first round, becoming triumphant in the end. Therefore, the breach will serve as atonement for the sin of the human race.

It is apparent that Sensui's past battle experience and long-trained abilities as a spirit detective put Yusuke at a disadvantage. Gamemaster decides to play against Kaito, in a trivial pursuit. Kaito loses his own soul, thus freeing the others.

They are also ordered to terminate Yusuke, for he is a genetically inherited half-demon. However, Yusuke discovers his half-demon nature and awakens. Kuwabara, Botan, Kurama, and Kaito make it to the hospital, alert of the situation. Koenma further explains that violent apparitions with chaotically flood the streets and the tunnel will soon be opened.

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Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama chase Sensui inside a building, fighting against him one by one, only to be equally matched. Elsewhere, Botan and Seaman are constantly attacked by Sniper, who is relentlessly firing small objects against them, in which Shizuru is badly injured by a diverted attack orchestrated by Sensui.

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In a swing of his sword, Hiei incapacitates him. Itsuki arrives and tells the group that Sensui was plagued with an internal disease, only having a month left to live. Kurama has agreed to a game of taboo against Kaito.

Shinobu, the primary personality, takes control of Sensui's body. Yusuke battles Doctor, and is forced to come to a decision whether to kill him to save the people in the hospital. Seaman realizes that Kuwabara is the one that can shatter barriers between different dimensions. Kurama transforms into Yoko Kurama, as Hiei releases the dragon of the darkness flame.

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Kurama discreetly takes the key from Yanagisawa. It is revealed that Koenma had used his wicked seal conscience ring to resurrect Gamemaster. Only B-class demons will be able to pass the tunnel, while the S-class and A-class demons will be repelled by the barrier. Kuwabara brings his friends, along with Seaman, back to his home. He then finds out that seven people are responsible for the breach.

Kaito explains that they have entered a realm of four dimensions, in which fantasy can be altered into reality. As Yusuke is about to lose his life from the trigger of the gun, Koenma appears just in the nick of time.

Viewing of this footage can change a human against its own kind. The seven must participate in a video game testing seven areas of skills.